Press Releases

COLA should be Tax Exempt – MEA, issued on 12 January 2024

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that while employers are obliged to compensate for inflationary increases through the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), these increments are not fully reaching their intended beneficiaries, the employees. Read more

The MEA pronounces itself against the utilisation of Employees’ sick leave to look after sick children, issued on 22 November 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association said that the Children’s Policy Framework could be a step forward in introducing measures to improve the well-being of children and of families in general. Read more

UPE action against Industrial Tribunal members is unethical – MEA, issued on 7 November 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that action taken by the Union of Professional Educators against the Industrial Tribunal and its members is unprecedented and undermines the proper functioning of this institution. Read more

MEA Announces Tangible Support for Members in the Area of Business Transformation, issued on 2 November 2023

The Malta Employers Association’s EU-Funded project branded “Regeneration Plan for Workplaces” culminated in a Final Conference which was organised to great success recently with the participation of entrepreneurs, management professionals, research experts, senior social partner representatives and the Head of the European Commission Representation in Malta. Read more

Stakeholders call for fair and inclusive employment practices to address foreign worker challenges in Malta, issued on 31 October 2023

Foreign workers have become an essential element within Malta’s logistics industry, with their input being crucial for its ongoing development and prosperity. Read more

National Budget 2024 is rich in social measures, but rather lacking in long term vision – MEA, issued on 30 October 2023

In its initial reactions to the national budget speech, the Malta Employers’ Association described the national budget placing an emphasis on social measures but does not really address the need for economic restructuring to have a sustainable and competitive economy through private investment and higher value added activities. Read more

Minimum Wage increases will be paid by Employers, not Government – MEA, issued on 27 October 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its satisfaction that a consensus was reached by the social partners, through the Low Wage Commission, to revise the minimum wage. Read more

Prime Minister’s Statement is an invitation to Anarchy – MEA, issued on 3 October 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its strong condemnation of the recent scandals involving benefit fraud and driving test licenses. Read more

MEA’s proposals for the National Budget, issued on 11 September 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association has presented its proposals for the National Budget to government through the MCESD. Read more

A Weak Infrastructure and a Wage Price Spiral are serious threats to Businesses – MEA, issued on 31 July 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association has proactively conducted a wage inflation survey among a wide cross-section of employers from all sectors of the economy and representing all sizes of companies. Read more

MEA: Eurobarometer survey highlights the pressing need to separate business from politics, issued on 10 July 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the findings of the Eurobarometer on business and corruption are shocking, but not surprising. Read more

111th Session of the International Labour Conference – ILO, issued on 14 June 2023

The President of the Malta Employers’ Association, Ms. Joanne Bondin Addressed the 111th Session of the International Labour Conference – Geneva, 13th June 2023. Read more

Employers will have easier access to simplified information about the recruitment of foreign workers, issued on 5 May 2023

A collaboration agreement between Identity Malta Agency and the Malta Employers’ Association will result in employers and businesses in Malta being provided with simplified information and kept updated on any changes related to the Residence Permits processes and other documents in the recruitment process of foreign workers from both EU and non-EU countries. Read more

Joanne Bondin is Re-Elected President of the Malta Employers’ Association, issued on 21 April 2023

Joanne Bondin was reconfirmed as President of the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) for another two-year term during the first Council meeting taking place after the Association’s Annual General Meeting. Read more

MEA President Calls on the Authorities to Take Heed of Social Partners’ Recommendations in Favour of Good Governance and Employment Safeguards, issued on 22 March 2023

Ms Joanne Bondin addressed the Malta Employers Association’s 58th Annual General Meeting on 16th March where she strongly mentioned the need for proactiveness by employers in the face of potential challenges brought about by rapid developments in the business environment. Read more

Ensuring the Skills for Future Competitiveness, issued on 21 March 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association rounded off its efforts related to its initiative entitled “Ensuring the Skills for Future Competitiveness” with a visit to the President of the Republic at San Anton Palace on 14th March. Read more

Foundation for Transport and the Malta Employers’ Association reach agreement to collaborate further for the benefit of private industry players in transport, issued on 7 March 2023

The Foundation for Transport (FfT) and the Malta Employers Association (MEA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding strengthening the co-founder relationship between the two institutions and allowing the two sides to intensify their collaboration, exchange of information and mutual promotion through their respective fora. Read more

Social Partners Appeal for Industrial Relations Stability, issued on 24 February 2023

Malta’s major trade unions and employer organisations – General Workers’ Union, UHM Voice of the Workers, For.U.M, Confederation of the Maltese Trade Unions, Malta Employers’ Association, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Malta Chamber of SMEs and the Malta Hotel and Restaurants Association issued an appeal to safeguard industrial relations stability by respecting clear boundaries between the rights of majority and minority unions at the workplace. Read more

MEA says that there is a Demarcation between majority and Minority Unions, issued on 9 February 2023

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that there is a clear demarcation line between the rights of a recognised union which represents the majority of employees in a workplace, and those of a union that does not. Read more

MEA proposes 13 solutions to address skill shortages after extensive stakeholder consultation, issued on 17 November 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association has put forward thirteen concrete solutions to address the current skills shortages affecting Maltese industry. Read more

A Budget that is focused on Short-term Stability, issued on 24 October 2022

On a macro scale, the main feature of the budget is government’s decision to shoulder increase in fuel, energy and cereal prices on businesses and consumers to maintain economic stability and price competitiveness. Read more

SATISF’ACTION employee assessment digital toolbox launch, issued on 27 September 2022

What better way to celebrate the International Week of Happiness at Work 2022 than launching a toolbox for employee satisfaction assessment? Read more

MEA calls the severance package at Air Malta ‘Obscene and Unprecedented’, issued on 12 August 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association described the severance package offered to redundant Air Malta employees as the most obscene agreement in Malta’s industrial relations history. Read more

MEA calls for collaborative action on a national level towards the strengthening of skills and competitiveness, issued on 21 July 2022

The significant pressure being faced by employers to identify the right human resources with the appropriate skills for their operations is a threat to the continuity, competitiveness and future of Maltese businesses. Read more

Government statement on Work-Life Balance Measures need more Clarity – MEA – 12 July 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that, although it appreciated the fact that government, up till now, has … Read more

FATF Decision is Positive news for Malta – MEA, issued on 16 June 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its satisfaction that Malta has been removed from its greylisted status by the FATF. Read more

MEA warns that the Public Sector is Setting Dangerous Precedents, issued on 13 June 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the public sector is setting dangerous precedents which could destabilise industrial relations and raise public expenditure to unsustainable levels. Read more

International Labour Conference 2022 – Address by Mr Joseph Farrugia, Employers’ Delegate – Malta

Read Mr Joseph Farrugia’s address at the 110th of the International Labour Conference

Business lobbies call on PL to withdraw Mandatory Union membership proposal from its Electoral Programme, issued on 16 March 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the Malta Chamber of SMEs have urged the Partit Laburista to withdraw its proposal to introduce mandatory union membership for employees as included in its electoral manifesto. Read more

MEA Presents Blueprint for “Business and Green Growth” to the President of Malta, issued on 15 March 2022

Over the past months, the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) stepped up its efforts to offer leadership, guidance and support to the business community on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues through several concrete initiatives. Read more

Strengthening the relationship between Voluntary Sectors and the Work Environment, issued on 11 March 2022

The Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (OCVO) and the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at strengthening the relationship and mutual appreciation between the voluntary sector and the world of work. Read more

Economic Sustainability, Governance and Wellbeing – MEA’s Memorandum to Political Parties, issued on 3 March 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association has issued a memorandum to political parties, stating its position on a wide range of socio-economic matters, together with its recommendations for a better Malta in the coming years. Read more

MEA congratulates Dr. Roberta Metsola as the new President of the European Parliament, issued on 18 January 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association congratulated Dr. Roberta Metsola on her appointment as President of the European Parliament. Read more

MEA – Redundant Air Malta Employees should not be deployed in the Public Sector, issued on 15 January 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association said that the current situation at Air Malta is a result of delayed action and wrong strategic decisions, to the extent that matters have now escalated to a stage where a drastic cost-cutting exercise is the only way in which the airline can keep operating. Read more

Covid-related Absenteeism is causing many Companies to reduce Operations, issued on 12 January 2022

A survey conducted by the Malta Employers’ Association among its members reveals that the surge in absenteeism caused by covid related absence is having a significant impact on companies. Read more

Malta Employers’ Association issues a Directive to Employers, issued on 4 January 2022

The MEA has issued a directive to its members instructing them to treat any absence from work which has not been authorised by the employer, as unpaid leave. Read more

MEA calls on Government to issue clear policy guidelines on Covid, issued on 22 December 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the current surge in COVID cases is worrying many employers, and warned that inaction on the part of government might lead to a serious economic slowdown during the first quarter of 2022. Read more

The Cannabis Reform Bill is fraught with Omissions, Inconsistencies and Hidden Motives – MEA, issued on 13 November 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the Cannabis Reform Bill which is presented in the House of Representatives falls short of addressing numerous issues connected to consumption of cannabis. Read more

Protecting jobs and our planet are not conflicting objectives – MEA, issued on 3 November 2021

“The protection of jobs and our planet should not be conflicting objectives. Without the planet, we will have no jobs. So, we must learn to adapt, find the right balance and think long-term. Awareness, knowledge, technology are the tools that will help us get there”. This was the key message shared by the Malta Employers Association’s President, Ms Joanne Bondin, while opening the SME National Forum 2021 held at the Dolmen Hotel in Qawra. Read more

SMEs National Forum 2021 to tackle the Journey Ahead for SMEs in the context of Green Growth, issued on 26 October 2021

For decades, delivering economic growth and sustainable development were seen as conflicting objectives that needed to be balanced for the benefit of humanity. Read more

The Malta Maritime Forum and Malta Employers’ Association will collaborate to the general benefit of the Business Community, issued on 15 October 2021

A Partnership Agreement was signed today between the Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) and the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA). The agreement was signed by MMF Chairman Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon and Mr. Joseph Farrugia, the MEA Director General. Read more

A Pre-election Budget built on Strong Assumptions, issued on 11 October 2021

The National Budget for 2022 has the characteristics of a pre-election budget which commits itself to increased expenditure, strengthening the social safety net whilst softening the tax burden in certain aspects, but which provides less clarity on the revenue side of the equation. Read more

Urgent measures are required to address Labour Shortages – MEA, issued on 3 August 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association published a position paper that recommends immediate and medium-term measures to address a rising shortage of employees in the Maltese economy. Read more

A Collaborative Partner Agreement signed between the National Foreign Direct Investment Screening Office and the Malta Employers’ Association, issued on 28 July 2021

The National Foreign Direct Investment Screening Office and the Malta Employers’ Association have agreed to collaborate on the sharing of best practices and on promoting publicly available information to the benefit of the respective members. Read more

‘The Biggest Threat is not the Grey Listing itself, but the Conditions that caused it – MEA’, issued on 9 July 2021

The results of a survey carried out by the Malta Employers’ Association into the perceptions of businesses about the grey listing reveal that 88% of respondents believe that the FATF Grey listing will leave a negative impact on the Maltese economy, with 64% anticipating strong repercussions.  Read more

A Terrible Autogoal for the Maltese Economy, issued on 23 June 2021

The news that Malta has been grey listed by the Financial Action Task Force has dealt a devastating blow for the Maltese economy which will stretch its resilience to its limit.  Read more

MEA National Conference 2021: Balancing Sustainable Economic Growth with Quality of Life – A National Challenge, issued on 8 June 2021

Economic growth in Malta in pre-pandemic days has been significant and since accession into the European Union, the country has not only topped growth charts but quickly converged towards and above the European average.  Read more

MEA calls for Full Transparency on Persons Employed on a Position of Trust Basis, issued on 25 May 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association has reiterated its position that details of persons holding a position of trust position should be made public.  Read more extends its commitment to MEA’s online toolbox developed for the business community.  Issued on 18 May 2021, a private-public partnership between the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the Malta Employers Association (MEA) have signed a cooperative agreement, strengthening the relationship between the two entities and allowing to contribute towards the MEAINDEX online portal for business entrepreneurs.  Read more

Moneyval Report – MEA breathes a sigh of relief. issued on 30 April 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed satisfaction and relief following Moneyval’s positive review, which is the result of extensive reforms to a governance structure that was failing on many counts. Read more

Ms. Joanne Bondin is the new president of the Malta Employers’ Association, issued on 16 April 2021

Following its Annual General Meeting, Ms. Joanne Bondin has been appointed as the President of the Malta Employers’ Association. Read more

‘The PN’s document – A New Energy Future for Malta – is positive and constructive’ – MEA, issued on 14 April 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association described the document – A New Energy Future for Malta presented by the Partit Nazzjonalista as encouraging, and with a vision to transform the country to achieve renewable targets and goals that translate into a greener economy with more efficient energy generation from which businesses and households may benefit.  Read more 

There is a need for clear guidelines for Vaccination at the Workplace – MEA, issued on 9 April 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association called for a legislative framework and clear guidelines in order to ensure a healthy work environment, which is in everyone’s interest.  Read more

MEA 56th Annual General Meeting – President’s Address, issued on 25 March 2021

In my address during the last annual general meeting held on the 1st July last year, I focused on two critical issues, namely the importance of recovery from the COVID crisis, and the dire need to address Malta’s governance issues and its international reputation. Read more

MEA reaction to the proposed Interpretation Act: ‘No Kangaroo Courts, please!’, issued on 18 March 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association condemned the proposed amendment to the Interpretation Act and urged government take a step back to re-think these amendments.  Read more

MEA: Extension of Wage Supplement positive, but number of cases is alarming, issued on 10 March 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the decision to extend the wage supplement till the end of 2021 is a step in the right direction.  Read more 

MEA Survey results: Recovery will be slower than Anticipated; employment level is stable but dependent on extended fiscal stimulus. Issued on 3 March 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association issued the results of a survey conducted among companies to assess the state of affairs regarding the developments related to the COVID pandemic over the past three months. The survey covered more than 200 companies from all economic sectors.  Read more

The Right to Disconnect – MEA insists on implementation only after the EU process is finalised, issued on 15 February 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association voiced its strong disagreement with the implementation of the right to disconnect in Malta before the directive is transposed by the EU.  Read more

Consultant Grech’s redeployment is Ill-timed and unethical – Malta Employers’ Association, issued on 12 January 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its solidarity with Consultant Kenneth Grech, saying that it is difficult to convince anyone that his redeployment is not related to his stand concerning COVID and the situation in the schools.  Read more

A Budget based on Uncertain Outcomes, issued on 19 October 2020

The National Budget 2021 has been prepared in a period of great uncertainty, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a global crisis that has affected all economies, and which has presented government with a fundamental dilemma, that of balancing between the priorities of public health and economic sustainability.  Read more

Working towards a just transition for a Greener Europe – FOR.U.M. and MEA hold virtual seminar on the EU’s Green Deal, issued on 15 September 2020

The FOR.U.M. Unions Maltin and the Malta Employers’ Association today 15 September 2020, organised a webinar which discussed the EU’s Green Deal. It was addressed by local and EU speakers from European Commission’s DG Environment, the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises (CEEP), the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), the University of Malta and the Ministry for the Environment.  Read more

Agreement with Pilots is a Major Industrial Relations Blunder – MEA, issued on 11 September 2020

The Malta Employers Association issued harsh criticism at government’s decision to offer a job in the public sector to the redundant Air Malta pilots at the same take home pay they had in their position at Air Malta. The Association said that this arrangement is flawed on many counts.  Read more

MEA urges government to remain vigilant and to keep on supporting businesses, issued on 9 September 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association has conducted an online survey among employers to test business performance in times of COVID-19.   Read more

Travel restrictions to Malta: Misguided and erroneous decisions taken by Government – MEA, issued on 15 August 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the travel restrictions being imposed by many countries to travellers coming to Malta are mainly the result of misguided and erroneous decisions taken by government.  Read more

Mass events – MEA appeals for a suspension of Industrial Actions, issued on 31 July 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its satisfaction that common sense has prevailed and that mass events will not be taking place this summer.  Read more

MEA appeals to authorities to stop mass events with immediate effect, issued on 26 July 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that authorising mass events like parties and feast marches is ridiculous and risks reversing all the gains made against the spread of the Covid virus in Malta.  Read more

Malta faces a Political Meltdown – MEA, issued on 8 July 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the country faces a political and institutional meltdown unless the two major parties get their respective houses in order.  Read more

‘The consequences of being grey-listed by MONEYVAL could be as devastating as the COVID crisis’.  MEA President, issued on 1 July 2020

In her address during the 55th Annual General meeting of the Malta Employers’ Association, the president Ms. Doris Sammut Bonnici focused on the governance issues and reputational damage being faced by Malta and their consequences.  Read more

MEA warns: Malta’s reputational damage could be heading to a point of no return, isued on 21 June 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association warned that the news about the Montenegro Wind farm deal is yet another blow to Malta’s international reputation which could have long term repercussions on the economy.  Read more

A Timely and Focused Fiscal Package – MEA, issued on 8 June 2020

The incentives announced by government are a timely intervention given the extent of the COVID crisis. The indications are that government finances will suffer a deficit of 5.5% in 2020; many tourism related businesses are at a standstill and the figures will remain low during the summer months in spite of the opening of the airport.  Read more

MEA advises Government against Amnesty on Fines, issued on 31 May 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed itself against giving an amnesty to persons who broke the public health regulations related to the COVID pandemic.  Read more

MEA survey finds that employers are temporarily holding on to their employees even though they are not satisfied with the Government schemes, issued on 28 April 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association has conducted an online among employers to determine the extent to which business operations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the effectiveness of government schemes to assist companies and the need to review such measures. The response to the survey consisted of 346 companies in the private sector, with a spread across all economic sectors and size of companies, employing in the region of 40,000 persons. Read more

MEA replies to Misreporting of its Statement concerning Public Sector Employees, issued on 22 April 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association issued a statement to correct deliberate and malicious attempts to distort its recommendations for additional measures which it made to Government about the Corona Virus.Read more

MEA calls for an immediate reduction in Utility Rates, a review in Assistance schemes, and a bonus for Health Workers, issued on 21 April 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that experience of the past few weeks is evidence that, as happened in previous years when Malta faced an international crisis, employers have done their utmost to prevent massive unemployment by retaining people in their jobs, even though many of them may be idle.  Read more

COVID-19:  Malta Employers’ Association digs into its Warchest, issued on 14 April 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association has announced a set of measures to assist employers with the issues they are facing as a result from the COVID-19 outbreak.  Read more

A Positive Financial Aid Package – MEA, issued on 25 March 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association gave a positive reaction to the measures that were announced by Government to address the economic impact of the Corona Virus.  Read more

MEA: Announced Measures offer Limited Respite to Businesses. Payment for Quarantine Leave introduced by Stealth, issued on 14 March 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that the incentives launched by Government offer welcome, but limited relief to businesses which have been affected by the global outbreak of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. Read more

MEA proposes Shutdown between the 19th and 24th March, issued on 12 March 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association is calling for an urgent MCESD meeting to discuss a proposal to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 virus.  Read more

Corona Virus – Employer bodies call for Sensible Social Dialogue, issued on 2 March 2020

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, the Malta Employers’ Association, the Malta Chamber of SMEs and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association hope that the MCESD meeting of the 5th March will be conducted in the right spirit and will come up with recommendations that will prevent or contain the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus and thus minimise the social and economic harm which it might cause.  Read more

MEA calls on Prime Minister to intervene in Malta Film Commission Issue, issued on 27 February 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that ensuring a level playing field among competitors is one of the fundamental tenets of good governance.  Read more

MEA points at ‘Disillusionment in National Institutions’, proposes Parliamentary Reform, issued on 13 February 2020

The Malta Employers’ Association presented a position paper with proposals for parliamentary reform to Minister Carmelo Abela, Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister during a meeting held at the MEA premises.  read more

MEA congratulates Dr. Robert Abela, issued on 14 January 2020

The MEA congratulated Dr. Robert Abela on his appointment as the new Prime Minister of Malta. read more

MEA describes the employment of Melvin Theuma in the public sector as ‘Extremely Worrying’, issued on 5 December 2019

The MEA stated that the fact that it has now been established that there are paid phantom jobs in the public sector is extremely worrying and called for an enquiry to establish the extent of this practice. read more

MEA calls for immediate measures to address a National Moral, Reputational and Political Crisis, issued on 29 November 2019

The MEA has issued a request to the MCESD – to suspend its normal agenda and to call an urgent meeting to discuss the unprecedented moral, reputational and political crisis the country is passing through and its possible ramifications on our nation.  read more 

‘Fallout from Reputational Damage could carry a High Price’ – MEA, issued on 25 November 2019

The MEA has called on the country’s political forces to work towards a return to normalcy following the recent upheavals related to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.  read more

Minority Unions cannot take Industrial Action – MEA, issued on 23 October 2019

The MEA declared that stable industrial relations is one of the cornerstones of Malta’s economic performance.  read more

A Positive Budget which needs to be Supported by Longer Term Strategies – MEA, issued on 14 October 2019

The national budget presented for 2020 is a reflection of a strong macro-economic stability, resulting from a budget surplus over the past few years, falling public debt which is expected to reach 40% of GDP in 2020, unemployment which stands at 3.5%, relatively low inflation and a robust economic growth. read more

MEA hosts international workshop on EU Project Development with BUSINESSMED, issued on 23 September 2019

The MEA has hosted the second edition of a workshop on EU project development entitled “Successfully design and lead a multi-partner project” in the presence of the main economic key-players coming from 9 Euromed countries. read more

MEA publishes results of a Wage Inflation Survey, issued on 22 July 2019

The Malta Employers’ Association has conducted a wage inflation survey among a wide cross section of employers from all sectors of the economy and representing all sizes of companies. read more

MEA expresses support for the Enforcement Unit within Identity Malta, issued on 27 June 2019

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its support for the establishment of an Enforcement Unit within Identity Malta to tackle illegal employment of third country nationals. read more

International Labour Conference 2019 – Address by Mr Joseph Farrugia, Employers’ Delegate – Malta

Read Mr Joseph Farrugia’s address at the 108th of the International Labour Conference

Removal of tax clause from St. Vincent de Paule tender undermines all principles of good governance – MEA, issued on 12 April 2019

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its shock and disapproval at the news that the Department of Contracts has shifted … read more

MEA congratulates Dr George Vella on his appointmnet as President, issued on 4 April 2019

The Association stated that Dr. Vella is a respected politician who has extensive experience in foreign affairs, and also has the qualities to listen to people and speak his mind objectively about many social and economic matters. read more

Government should foot the bill for new Family Friendly Measures – MEA, issued on 29 January 2019

The Malta Employers’ Association is calling on government to issue a reassurance that any increase in labour costs related to the measures announced in the provisional agreement on the European Commission’s proposal for a new Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers will be funded by the state, and not by companies. read more

Union Membership should be a Free Choice – MEA, COCEI, MHRA, issued on 1 November 2018

In a reaction to the Prime Minister’s statement in parliament, where he encouraged a discussion about possibility of introducing an obligation for workers to be part of a union, and for all companies to be associated with an employer organisation, the Malta Employers’ Association, the … read more

The Budget is a reflection of robust economic performance but a longer term vision is required – MEA, issued on 22 October 2018

The National Budget 2019 reflects the rapid growth being experienced by the Maltese economy, at 6.7% in real terms in …  read more

Employer Bodies to stop attending ERB meetings until impasse is solved, issued on 21 August 2018

The four employer organisations namely the GRTU, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Malta Employers Association and … read more

Prestigious Award for Ms Dolores Sammut Bonnici, issued on 14 March 2018

Ms. Dolores Sammut Bonnici has been awarded the Enterprising Woman of the Year Award during the 16th Enterprising Women of the Year Awards held in Miami Florida USA. read more

MEA 53rd Annual General Meeting – President’s Address, issued on 2 March 2018

We are facing a hectic business climate, with constant changes in the economic and technological environment. read more

The Malta Employers’ Association awarded prestigious recognition by the European Commission, issued on 24 November 2017

The site of what was formerly an old power station in Tallinn, Estonia on November 23rd was packed with more than five hundred delegates from all over the European Union to attend the annual European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) organized by the European Commission. Every year, a board of judges is appointed to decide on the best among hundreds of projects to win coveted prizes in different categories that are submitted by organizations from all over the EU.  read more »

One of Malta’s Darkest Days in Post-Independence History – MEA, issued on 17 October 2017

The MEA expressed its shock and dismay at the brutal murder of Mrs Daphne Caruana Galizia in what it termed as one of Malta’s darkest days in its post-independence history.  read more »

A Budget of Fiscal Manoeuvrability – MEA, issued on 9 October 2017

The national Budget 2018 is a reflection of a growing economy and a fiscal situation which is allowing government more manoeuvrability and fiscal space to introduce a range of targeted measures to seek a better balance between economic social and environmental objectives. read more »

MEA backs Air Malta – claims Industrial Action by the Association of Airline Operations Controllers (AAOC) is illegal, issued on 6 July 2017

The Malta Employers’ Association has condemned the industrial action ordered by the Association of Airline Operations Controllers, and stated that the action goes against the provisions of Legal Notice  413 of 2016 on recognition of Trade Unions. read more »

International Labour Conference 2017 – Address by Mr Joseph Farrugia, Employers’ Delegate – Malta

Read Mr Joseph Farrugia’s address at the 106th of the International Labour Conference.

MEA congratules the Labour Party, issued on 13 June 2017

MEA congratulates the Labour Party for winning the recent election.  read more »

The MEA wins the 2017 NESA Award, issued on 26 May 2017

The MEA is the winner of this year’s NESA through its project: The Maltese Business Story.  read more »

MPs should not hold Positions of Trust – MEA, issued on 19 May 2017

The MEA appealed to all political parties to commit themselves, once elected, not to appoint MPs as chairpersons or in positions of trust.  read more »

MEA alarmed in face of a National Crises, issued on 23 April 2017

The MEA is alarmed at the extensive media reports that are constantly emerging, and accumulating, tarnishing Malta’s reputation as a respected EU centre for financial services.   read more »

‘Budget surplus a positive development, if sustained’ – MEA, issued on 3 April 2017

The MEA welcomed the news that the government has managed to achieve a surplus in its budget.  read more »

MEA voices concern about employment at Water Services Corporation, issued on 22 March 2017

The MEA voiced its concern about the engagement of 150 fitters at WSC, stating that while it is doubtful that these persons will be productively employed within the WSC, many of them will have been attracted to WSC from the private sector, as there are hardly any fitters on the unemployment line.  read more »

Ms Dolores Sammut Bonnici is the new President of the Malta Employers’ Association, issued on 20 March 2017

Following the AGM of the MEA, Ms Dolores Sammut Bonnici has been appointed as the new President for MEA.  read more »

MEA Annual General Meeting – President’s Address, issued on 28th February 2017

Today the MEA held its 52nd Annual General Meeting when the performance of the Association was reviewed by the outgoing President, Mr Arthur Muscat, and the Director General, Mr Joseph Farrugia.   read more »

MEA: Employers will not be treated as Second Class Citizens, issued on 13 December 2016

The MEA expressed serious concerns about the Human Rights and the Equality Commission Act 2015, and the Equality Act 2015.  read more »

Employer Organisations call for caution over raising the Minimum Wage, issued on 1 November 2016

Malta’s private sector organisations represented on MCESD (MEA, Malta Chamber, and GRTU) jointly express their concern on the direction taken with regard to discussions on poverty and the minimum wage.  read more »

A Budget aimed at Relieving the Lower Classes – MEA, issued on 18 October 2016

The MEA stated that the main thrust of the national budget 2017 is to alleviate the hardships faced by low income segments, namely single parent families, pensioners and minimum wage earners without adding substantial burdens on employers. read more »

MEA’s Proposals for National Budget 2017, issued on 26 August 2016

The major macro-economic indicators for the Maltese economy are positive and clearly above the EU average. Real GDP growth is expected to be in excess of 4.1% this year, unemployment is at a record low of 5.1%, and the labour activity rate has also increased. read more »

Air Malta & Industrial Action, issued on 8 August 2016

The MEA has absolutely no objection to the recent Court ruling confirming Unions’ right to strike, that is guaranteed by the Constitution. read more »

Freeport Issue should not be Politicised – MEA, issued on 5 August 2016

The Malta Employers’ Association called for a political consensus concerning the operation of the Malta Freeport, one of the country’s major employers which has established Malta as a major logistical hub in the Mediterranean. read more »

International Labour Conference 2016 – Address by Mr Joseph Farrugia, Employers’ Delegate – Malta

Read Mr Joseph Farrugia’s address at the 105th of the International Labour Conference.

Employers are not being refunded Maternity Leave benefits – MEA, issued on 11 May 2016

The MEA is urging government to refund employers the maternity leave benefits that they are due from the Maternity Leave Trust Fund.  read more  »

MEA makes recommendations for a faster processing of Applications to Employ Third Country Nationals in Malta, issued on 21 April 2016

Following a well-attended seminar about the employment of foreign workers on the 16th March 2016, which involved the participation of officials from the Employment and Training Corporation, Identity Malta and the Police Department, the Malta Employers’ Association drew up a position paper with recommendations on how to expedite applications for third country nationals to work in Malta. read more  »

‘The Reputation of the Financial Services Sector is being compromised’ – MEA, issued on 6 April 2016

The MEA expressed its concern about the impact that the crisis of governance is having on Malta’s reputation as a financial services destination.  read more  »

Court recommendations to reinstate of Gozo Channel Employees is ‘ridiculous and unprecedented’ – MEA, issued on 18 March 2016

The court sentence which has ordered a reinstatement of two Gozo Channel employees found guilty of stealing from their employer is ridiculous and unprecedented.  read more  »

MEA highlights the importance of good governance and fast settlement of libel cases, issued on 9 March 2016

The MEA stated that corruption and unaddressed hints of corruption, undermine trust in the country’s leaders’ ability and willingness to guarantee a sound level of good governance.  read more  »

Industrial Tribunal now paralysed – MEA, issued on 12 February 2016

The MEA is very concerned about the effect of the decisions of the Court of Appeal confirming the two June 2015 judgements on the unconstitutionality of the manner in which the Industrial Tribunal is constituted and operates.  read more  »

MEA becomes a member of BUSINESSMED, issued on 9 December 2015

The MEA has become a member of BUSINESSMED.  read more  »

ETC’s erroneous implementation of Legislation discourages employment of persons with disability, issued on 4 December 2015

Following an involvement of the ETC, Government, as part of its 2014 Budget deliberations, proceeded to introduce amendments to the Laws of Malta concerning the quotas of employment of persons with disability.  read more  » 

MEA awarded special recognition at the European Enterprise Awards ceremony in Luxembourg, issued on 20 November 2015

It was an exciting evening for the MEA during the European Enterprise Awards ceremony which was held in Luxembourg on the 19 November.  read more  »

MEA inaugurates New Premises, issued on 26 October 2015

The MEA is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year through a series of activities that signify the importance of the event as a reflection of the evolution of 50 years of industrial relations in Malta, through a period of rapid economic and social transformation.  read more  »

MEA: Economy heading towards a Balanced Budget, issued on 12 October 2015

The MEA stated that the budget is a reflection of positive developments in the Maltese economy.  read more  »

The Employability Index – An Indispensable Labour Market Tool, issued on 5 October 2015

The MEA declared that the launch of the Employability Index is a very positive step in guiding students to make informed choices about the employability aspects of the different courses available at tertiary level in Malta. read more  »

MEA calls for the implementation of an SME test for all regulations and legislation, issued on 29 September 2015

In an address during a business breakfast organised by MEA as part of the SME Week, Mr Arthur Muscat, President of the MEA, urged government to implement the idea of an SME test which would read more  »

MEA meets EU Commissioner Bienkovska, issued on 25 September 2015

On the initiative of the Hon. Miriam Dalli MEP, a seminar was organised with the topic: “Maltese Micro Enterprises – How to thrive in an EU Environment” at the MCC on 24 September 2015.  read more  »

MUT should not misinterpret Regulations on Probation, issued on 18 September 2015

The MEA stated that probationary regulations apply equally for both employers and employees, and that neither party is bound to give any reason why employment is terminated during a probationary period.   read more  »

MEA calls for Clear Procedures before implementation of Budget Measures, issued on 7 August 2015

The MEA said that many employers are frustrated with the manner in which budget measures are being launched without regard for the mechanics involved in their implementation.  read more  »

MEA: Inter Union Rivalry is Damaging Industrial Relatons and Competitiveness, issued on 5 August 2015

The MEA declared that the current state of affairs at De La Rue is yet another case of inter union rivalry disrupting industial relations stability in a major company in Malta.  read more  »

MEA satisfied that Malta has been pulled out of the Excessive Deficit Procedure, issued on 22 June 2015

The MEA expressed its satisfaction at the news that the Council of the EU took Malta out of the excessive deficit procedure.  read more »

International Labour Conference – Address by Mr Joseph Farrugia, Employers’ Delegate – Malta, issued on 9 June 2015 

Read Mr Joseph Farrugia’s address delivered at the 104th Session of the International Labour Conference.

Government has right to compensation for Substandard Work – MEA, issued on 5 June 2015

The MEA urged Government and the Opposition to serenely allow the application of rules and procedures to establish clear accountabilities in respect of substandard works carried out at Mater Dei Hospital.  read more »

MEA highlights anti employer bias in Parliamentary session on Persons with Disability, issued on 3 June 2015

The MEA stated that this week’s debate in parliament about the employment of disabled persons was strongly biased against employers and gave the impression that many …  read more »

Respect for ODZ areas, issued on 15 May 2015

The MEA stated that, in principle, it is against any development outside ODZ areas.  read more »

MEA objects to Industrial Actions at Malta Freeport, issued on 7 March 2015 

The MEA has expressed strong objections to the industrial actions being taken at the Freeport by the GWU over the matter of union recognition. read more »

MEA’s 50th AGM – MEA says that union rivalry is destabilising economy, issued on 2 March 2015

In an address to MEA members on the occasion of the Association annual general meeting, the president Mr. Arthur Muscat spoke at length about rivalry and urged that this issue needs to be addressed urgently.  read more »

MEA blasts MUMN statement on Union Recognition issue, issued on 12 January 2015

In a reaction to the MUMN’s media release about the new process adopted for union verification, the Malta Employers’ Association stated that the MUMN has clearly missed the whole point concerning the Association’s objections. read more »

MEA – Government faces a Challenging Year Ahead – issued on 17 November 2014

Government has a challenging year ahead to reach its fiscal and economic targets, given the expenditure projections laid out in the National Budget. read more »

MEA condemns Indecent Working Conditions – issued on 29 October 2014

The MEA has condemned without reservation the alleged abusive employment of foreign nationals by Leisure Clothing Ltd. read more »

MEA expresses support for Prime Minister’s stand on COLA – issued on 28 October 2014

The MEA expressed its agreement with the Prime Minister’s explanation of the COLA mechanism, and that he is going to respect this mechanism. read more »

MEA Budget Proposals – Curtailing a Culture of Entitlement – issued on 4 September 2014

The MEA has issued its proposals for the National Budget 2015. Its proposals, entitled ‘Curtailing a Culture of Entitlement’ mirror government’s stated objective in its pre-budget document of creating opportunities instead of dependencies. read more »

MEA calls on government to compensate businesses for Power Cut Damages – issued on 18 August 2014

The MEA is calling on government to compensate businesses who have suffered damages, including payment of wages due to the power cut. read more »

The MEA proposes numerous changes to the Employment and Industrial Relations Act – issued on 7 August 2014

The MEA has presented a document with a set of proposals to amend the EIRA. read more »

103rd Session of the International Labour Conference – Address by Mr Joseph Farrugia, Employers’ Delegate for Malta – issued on 6 June 2014

This year’s ILO Conference is taking place six years after the financial crisis crippled many of the world’s leading economies, and from which the global economy has not fully recovered. read more »

MEA tells MEP candidates: ‘Bring the European Parliament closer to Global Economic Realities’ – issued on 7 May 2014

The electoral campaign for the election of members in the European Parliament across the European Union should focus on spreading awareness about the relevance of the institution and its impact on the day to day lives of the average citizen. read more »

MEA’s reaction to National Employment Policy Document – issued on 2 May 2014

The MEA described The National Employment Policy Document as providing a professional analysis of labour market issues in Malta, with concrete actions to address labour market deficiencies. read more »

MEA calls for Clarifications about Rates for Tenders in the Cleaning & Security Sectors – issued on 1 April 2014

The MEA called upon government to issue a clarification with respect to the minimum rates of tendering in the cleaning and security sectorsread more »

49th Annual General Meeting of the Malta Employers’ Association – Address by Mr Arthur Muscat, President – issued on 26 February 2014read more »

MEA – Time to Reflect and Reconsider – issued on 17 January 2014

The MEA stated that the outcome of the vote at the European Parliament confirms the reservations which it had about the Individual Investors’ Programme as launched by the Government. read more »

Malta Employers’ Association launches an SME Help Desk – issued on 6 December 2013

During a business breakfast that focused on the characteristics and needs of small and medium sized enterprises, the MEA announced that it has set up a help desk for SMEs. read more »

MEA – ‘Citizenship Programme lacks Transparency’ – issued on 13 November 2013

The MEA expressed concern about the design of the citizenship programme, claiming that the format in which it was approved in parliament could tarnish Malta’s reputation as a trustworthy country.  read more »

A Budget for Continuity and Stability – issued on 4 November 2013

Overall, the budget links with those of previous years and reflects both the resilience of the economy and the limited room for maneuverability by the government. read more »

MEA calls on Government to set an example on Unethical & Illegal Employment Practices – issued on 28 October 2013

The MEA has received information that a number of government contracts in the security and cleaning sectors are still being awarded to the lowest bidder at hourly rates that barely cover the minimum wage.  read more »

MEA reacts to Pilot’s absence from Work – issued on 17 September 2013

The MEA described as unacceptable the manner in which 40% of the normal pilot complement reported sick, to the extent that Air Malta has been constrained to cancel a number of flights.  read more »

Agreement with China is a positive development – MEA – issued on 11 September 2013

The MEA stated that the Memorandum of Understanding which has been signed between Malta and China is a positive development which could open many opportunities for Malta in the energy sector and this strategic alliance could pave the way economic collaboration in other areas between the two countries.  read more »

Government should not employ additional LSAs – MEA – issued on 9 September 2013

The MEA urged Government not to give in to pressure by the MUT to employ additional LSAs.  read more »

Pass fid-direzzjoni t-tajba – ippublikata nhar it-8 t’Awwissu 2013

Il-MEA, laqghet b’sodisfazzjon il-kundizzjonijiet il-godda ghal-SME’s imhabbra mil-Onorevoli Ministru Chris Cardona, waqt konferenza stampa organizzata nhar it-Tnejn li ghaddew.  aqra iktar »

MEA not satisfied with Appointments of Industrial Tribunal Chairpersons – issued on 18 July 2013

The MEA expressed serious concerns about the fact that the majority of persons that have been appointed as chairpersons of the Industrial Tribunal come from the trade union camp, and have an employment history or close connections with one particular union.  read more »

The Malta Employers’ Association presents position paper on Precarious Employment – issued on 3 July 2013

The MEA has published a position paper on illegal and atypical employment practices as part of ongoing discussion on precarious employment.  read more »

ILO Conference: MEA DG’s Speech at the ILO focuses on the Precarious Employment Issue – issued on 18 June 2013

In his address to the ILO general assembly, Mr Joseph Farrugia, Director General of the MEA, focused on the issue being raised by government and unions of precarious work.  read more »

Employers warn against Restrictive Legislation about Unresolved Definition of Precarious Employment – issued on 5 June 2013

The MEA stated that it will not accept any definition of precarious employment which is not internationally recognized and will not be drawn into discussion about any labour market issue which is not measured or properly defined.  read more »

MEA’s reaction to Budget 2013 – issued on 10 April 2013

The MEA expressed its approval to the budget in the manner it was presented and stated that it was a positive and mature development that both sides of the house decided to vote in favour.  read more »

MEA attends MCESD meeting under Protest – issued on 5 April 2013

The MEA has decided to attend under protest the first MCESD meeting which is to be chaired by the recently appointed Chairman – Mr. John Bencini.  read more »

New President for the Malta Employers’ Association – issued on 26 March 2013

At an MEA Council Meeting, Mr Arthur Muscat was elected President of the Association for the years 2013/14.  read more »

MEA’s reaction to the PL’s energy proposals – issued on 9 January 2013

The MEA stated that the energy proposals by the Partit Laburista are well researched and ambitious, and include novel recommendations that should be explored in further detail.  read more »

MEA’s reaction to the 2013 Budget – issued on 29 November 2012

The MEA described the budget as highlighting the achievements of this legislature, but with insufficient insight about future projections.  read more »

MEA explains position on After-School Hours – issued on 22 October 2012

The MEA stated that its proposal for the national budget to extend school hours does not mean that the extended hours will have to be provided by teachers doing a full time job in the same school.  read more »

MEA condemns Industrial Action at Freeport and Valletta Gateway Terminals – issued on 26 September 2012

The MEA strongly condemned the sympathy action ordered by the Malta Dockers’ Union at the Freeport and Valletta Gateway Terminal.  read more »

MEA supports PL’s pronouncement on the Minimum Wage – issued on 19 September 2012

The MEA agrees with Dr. Joseph Muscat’s pronouncement that the minimum wage should not be raised beyond cost of living adjustments.  read more »

Employers and Employees need Protection from Unethical Business Practice – MEA – issued on 12 September 2012

In reaction to Government’s decision to withdraw a contract to a security company, the MEA stated it supports any decision taken against entities which are in breach of law especially the Employment & Industrial Relations Act.  read more »

The MEA bids farewell to Dom Mintoff – issued on 25 August 2012

The MEA stated that with the passing away of Dom Mintoff Malta has lost one of its most prominent and controversial politicians.  read more »

MEA disagrees with GWU Proposal on Government Contracts – issued on 11 August 2012

The MEA disagrees with the proposal put forward by the GWU calling on Government to award contracts only to companies covered by a collective agreement.  read more »

Energy Disruption is Costly – MEA – issued on 17 July 2012

The MEA expressed its concerns about frequent power cuts that are having a negative effect on businesses.  read more »

101st Session of the International Labour Conference – issued on 6 June 2012

The Director General of the Malta Employers’ Association, Mr Joseph Farrugia addressed the delegates present at the 101st session of the International Labour Conference held in Geneva this month.  read more »

The Malta Employers’ Association calls on Government to back Services Charter – issued on 2 May 2012

The MEA is preparing a Service Charter to encourage ethical employment practices in the cleaning, security and care working sectors.  read more »

Social Policy Measures for a Decent Living – A Response by the Malta Employers’ Association to the Caritas Study – issued on 27 April 2012

The MEA has issued an official reaction to the report by Caritas about social policy measures that are required to ensure a decent living to Maltese families.  read more »

MEA calls for a Fair and Factual Social Dialogue – issued on 17 February 2012

The MEA has voiced concern over the fact that many public statements about employment conditions in Malta are being based on anecdotal evidence, rather than facts.  read more »

‘A Business as Usual Budget’ – MEA – issued on 14 November 2011

The MEA described the National Budget for 2012 as a ‘business as usual budget’, in the sense that it contains a spread of economic and social measures affecting numerous sectors of Maltese society, but lacks any substantial initiatives to stimulate economic activity.  read more »

MEA calls for urgent MCESD meeting to discuss Situation in Libya – issued on 24 August 2011

The MEA has asked the Prime Minister for an urgent MCESD meeting to discuss the recent developments in Libya.  read more »

MEA claims that Fuel Price Increases are: ‘Another Blow to Businesses’ – issued on 1 August 2011

The MEA issued another strong reaction to the increase in fuel prices, describing them as another blow to businesses and competitiveness.  read more »

MEA sees Government’s decision to provide compensation for Inflationary spike as a Positive Step for Social Dialogue – issued on 29 July 2011

The MEA expressed its approval for Government’s decision to issue compensation to vulnerable groups in response to inflationary pressures during the last quarter of 2010 and 2011.  read more »

Industrial Action should be avoided at all costs – issued on 12 July 2011

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Enterprise and the Malta Employers’ Association appealed to all stakeholders in the Airmalta-ALPA issue to engage in constructive discussions and avoid the planned disruption of service.  read more »

MEA calls for Social Dialogue at Air Malta – issued on 7 July 2011

The MEA stated that industrial action will definitely not solve the issues at Air Malta and the way forward can only be through dialogue between the stakeholders. read more »

Unofficial Industrial Action should never be tolerated – MEA – issued on 5 July 2011

The MEA condemned the unofficial industial action being taken by some drivers working for Arriva and said one can never allow a situation where a few are taking the law in their own hands.  read more »

MEA Director General stresses role of Social Dialogue to address Country’s issues – issued on 10 June 2011

In his address at the 100th session of the International Labour Conference, the Director General of the MEA, Mr Joseph Farrugia, underscored the belief of Maltese employers in tripartite social dialogue, stating that tripartism between employers, workers and government has made a tangible difference in the world of work.  read more »

Commission’s recommendations are a caution to Government – MEA – issued on 9 June 2011

The recommendations issued by the Commission reflect a number of concerns which have been voiced by the MEA over a number of years.  read more »

MEA calls for Fair Practices in Employment – issued on 6 May 2011

The MEA expressed concern about various reports of abuses in employment practices by some companies.  read more »

MEA elects Officers Group – issued on 4 April 2011

During their last Council meeting, the Malta Employers’ Association have elected the officers group.  The president is Mr Joshua Zammit.  read more »

MEA reiterates its position that GWU actions at Enemalta should stop – issued on 22 March 2011

In reply to the GWU’s statement about the industrial actions currently underway at Enemalta, the MEA emphaised that it has always declared itself against any form of discrimination, irrespective of who does it and where it occurs.  read more »

MEA calls for an end to industrial actions at Enemalta – issued on 22 March 2011

The MEA has called for an immediate cessation of the industrial actions at Enemalta. read more »

MEA concerned about increases in Energy Prices – issued on 3 March 2011

The MEA stated that the recent increase in fuel prices in Malta is creating severe difficulties for many businesses.  read more »

Change in COLA for 2011 is ‘Out of the Question’ – MEA – issued on 6 January 2011

The MEA stated that a revision in the COLA for 2011 is out of the question.  read more »