Sector Groups

Membership of the Association is divided into various sector groups and each member is placed in the appropriate group according to such member’s principal line of business. 

The Statute provides for the existence of the following Sector Groups: –

  • Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services
  • Educational Services
  • Construction, Electrical, Engineering and Metal
  • ICT and Gaming
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Travel
  • Aviation, Maritime and Transport
  • Wholesale, Retail and other Commercial Services
  • Parastatal and Government Authorities
  • Health and Professional services

New Members are required to indicate their principal line of business in order that the Association might determine the appropriate Sector Group under which such a Member shall be placed. 

An existing member who at any time changes his line of business in a way likely to affect his membership of the Sector Group to which he belongs is obliged to inform the Council whereupon the Council shall at the first opportunity place him in his appropriate Sector Group.