Code of Ethics

Members shall: 

  • Meet employers’ statutory requirements in the established time-frame, for the benefit of members, employees and society at large;
  • Be loyal to the Association, primarily through abiding by the Association’s Statute, directives and decisions;
  • Inform the Association about any changes in the labour market that can materially affect the national or sectoral operating environment;
  • Cultivate solidarity among themselves; such solidarity shall be aimed at achieving an enhanced socioeconomic environment for the benefit of members in the first instance, and also for the general well-being of the economy and society;
  • Recognise that the concept of fair competition shall not be restricted to economic activity but shall also extend to the labour market;
  • Recognise that the economic concerns of the employer and the dignity of the employees should be complimentary;
  • Respect the rights of employees in the exercise of the members’ rights in Employee relations;
  • Not discriminate among employees and prospective employees on grounds of politics, union affiliation, religion, creed, disability, civil status, gender or race.