EU Legislation

European society is evolving due to factors such as technological progress, globalisation and an ageing population. Crucially, it was also heavily impacted by the economic and financial crisis of 2008 and its fall-out.

European employment, social affairs and equal opportunities policies aim to improve living conditions by promoting employment, sustainable growth and greater social cohesion.

The EU is a catalyst in social change, seeking to increase employment and worker mobility, improve the quality of jobs and working conditions, inform and consult workers, combat poverty and social exclusion, promote equal opportunities and combat discrimination, as well as modernise social protection systems.

European Strategy for Growth (number of summaries: 17)

Priorities and objectives: the social agenda (number of summaries: 4)

Community employment policies (number of summaries: 21)

Social and employment situation in europe (number of summaries: 21)

Job creation measures (number of summaries: 18)

Employment rights and work organisation (number of summaries: 26)

Social dialogue and employee participation (number of summaries: 24)

Health, hygiene and safety at work (number of summaries: 29)

Social protection (number of summaries: 39)

Equality between men and women (number of summaries: 31)

Social measures for target groups: disability and old age (number of summaries: 13)

Social inclusion and the fight against poverty (number of summaries: 17)

Anti-discrimination and relations with civil society (number of summaries: 10)

Employment and social policy: international dimension and enlargement (number of summaries: 10)