MEA TV Programme

Currently, the MEA TV Programme is being broadcasted on TVM2 every Thursday at 7.00pm, with various repeats throughout the week.  

We have a full list of exciting topics prepared for this season which should make interesting viewing to the programme’s wide audience as well as to enable us to achieve our primary objective of projecting a positive image of employers among Maltese society.

We encourage members to help us make this programme sustainable through their participation in various ways:

  • Provision of working locations and environment for filming
  • Proposing speakers for specific topics
  • Advertising
  • Other financial and material contributions.   

The secretariat and council are doing their utmost to produce a quality programme, and its sustainability will depend on the support of the Association’s members. One of the changes in this season is the decision to have more shoots in different industrial environments, as opposed to a studio setting. We hope that you will have time to watch the programme – which will also be posted on our facebook page – and to give us your feedback and recommendations for further improvement.  

Benefit from our Advertising Rates

We remind our members that they can advertise on MEA at the following rates:

10 secs – €55 per programme
20 secs – €85 per programme
30 secs – €110 per programme

Companies who have already given the voluntary contribution with their subscription will have the contribution credited to their advertising bill.