The advantages of joining the Malta Employers’ Association 

Being a member of the Malta Employers’ Association presents you with a number of important advantages. 

On an individual basis you stand to gain:

Personal consultancy services of a professional calibre, drawing upon the accumulated field experience of experts. This means that you have available to you free advice on all aspects of conditions of work, labour law and social policy. 

Fair and competent services for the resolution of industrial disputes. Representation and assistance in conciliation, mediation, arbitration and Industrial Tribunal cases. 

Assistance in negotiating collective agreements. 

Representation in national fora. 

Special Advantages for the small business 

The services of the Malta Employers’ Association are particularly vital for small firms which often tend to be more vulnerable to industrial unrest or individual conflict. 

Small companies do not usually employ specialised Human Resource Development staff, a possible hazard point as inexperienced handling of employer – employee relations could have serious consequences. However, as a member of the MEA, the employer can make use of the Association as a negotiator. 

Facing the future together 

Recent economic and social developments in Malta have made the role of the MEA even more relevant than before. More aggressive approach of trade unions, overcapacity in businesses, economic slowdown and job losses, fiscal tightening, impeding trade liberalisation… 

These factors in the prevailing business environment are a pointer of other challenges that lie around the corner for Malta’s employers. 

In this scenario there is a new significance to the obvious benefit which the employer can expect to derive from being a member of the MEA. 

Now, more than ever before, membership numbers are important. By becoming a member of the Malta Employers’ Association you will not only be positioning your business more firmly on the chessboard of industrial relations, but you will also be contributing directly to the enhancement of the employer-worker-union relationship in Malta. 

In the face of the challenges ahead, individual strength can only be achieved through unity – and the Malta Employers’ Association provides the platform for the unity of Malta’s employers in furthering their common aims.