The MEA seeks to promote

  • A unity of purpose among all employers in Malta in a modern pro-business climate 
  • Optimum relations between employers and their employees, as well as between individual employers
  • A good working relationship between government and employers.

Malta Employers’ Association Mission Statement

  • To stand for the members’ rights in matters regarding the employment of the Human Resource;
  • To regulate and maintain the best possible relations between employers, employees and trade unions;
  • To influence national policy-making and legislation on terms and conditions of employment, industrial relations and social policy, while safeguarding the legitimate interests of employers;
  • To contribute actively to the sustained increase of the national wealth through the continued enhancement of employer / employee relations;
  • To promote the work ethic.

The Association shall achieve this Mission by:

  • Representing and leading members in matters affecting or likely to affect their legitimate interests as employers;
  • Providing advice and assistance to members on the development of sound industrial relations;
  • Maintaining an active role as a member of, and collaborating with, other organisations (local and international) which share similar beliefs as those of the Association;
  • Fostering the improvement of social conditions inspired by the employer’s quest for sustained return on investment and the employee’s need for job satisfaction.