The MEA SME Helpdesk

The MEA SME Helpdesk was established on the 6th of December 2013. It is being administrated by Mr. Anton Vella, who joined MEA in August 2013.  He has been working close to the SME sector for the past twelve years. 

The SME Helpdesk, within the MEA administrative office, is offering an additional service to those which were already being offered so far, but now specialising and mainly targeted to SMEs and Micros.

Amongst the first initiatives, the SME Helpdesk introduced a 24/7 telephone helpline (tel: 21 222 006), which is a direct telephone line, open to all SMEs, to communicate with MEA, whenever they feel the need to do so. This is an answering machine, where a caller can leave his / her telephone number, and wait for our immediate reply.

Another SME Helpdesk initiative was the setting up of the MEA’s Facebook page, which is now online, and therefore invites everyone to give us a LIKE, to ensure that you will be kept updated with all developments, and news which concerns SMEs, in particular.

The Helpdesk, besides giving advice, and important info on how an SME will become fully compliant with all local employment legislation, and other regulatory bodies, is offering also handholding services, when entrepreneurs, decides to apply to benefit from any existing grant / assistance schemes.

The Helpdesk, believes in regular contact, and communication with employers of small businesses. We are building our own exclusive database of Micro and Small Businesses with whom we will have the opportunity to communicate, via an electronic update published on a monthly basis.

The SME Helpdesk, already was engaged in organising National Conferences, seminars, info sessions, and much more, and  intend to keep on organising such events, whenever the need pop-up, to keep  SMEs aware of  all eventual changes in policies and regulations, and guide them accordingly.

In a nut shell the MEA’s SME Helpdesk, is another tool in the hands of small business entrepreneurs, which can be used to empower their skills to achieve success in their business.

Now it’s up to SMEs and Micro employers, to take this opportunity to join in the MEA’s  family, and make use of all services offered especially those which from now on are going to be available through the SME Helpdesk.