Membership info

Any person being an individual, a commercial partnership registered in Malta, a group of companies consisting of two or more commercial partnerships registered in Malta (whose control and management is organised as a group), a branch of a company registered outside Malta, a statutory body constituted in terms of Maltese Law or a civil partnership constituted in terms of Maltese Law who is an employer and has accepted the principles, objects and rules of the Association may be admitted to membership of the Association. 

Each application must be supported by the signature of a Member of the Association acting as proposer of the applicant, and by the signature of another Member of the Association acting as seconder of the proposal, and by such particulars as the Council may require.

When an application is made by a group of companies it shall include a list of the commercial partnerships on behalf of which Group Membership is being applied for. Such list shall not include any commercial partnership which is a Member of the Association. If that group of companies is registered as a Member of the Association such list may not be varied except with the authorisation of the Council. Furthermore, a commercial partnership may not become a Member of the Association as long as it remains indicated as forming part of a group of companies which is a Member. 

For the purposes of establishing membership fees the employees of all the commercial partnerships included in a list as aforesaid shall be deemed to be the employees of the relative group of companies. 

A Member who is not an individual shall appoint one individual from within his organisation as his representative. Such appointments are to be made in writing by the Member. Every such appointment shall have effect as from the date it is notified to the Council up to the date on which the Council is notified in writing of its revocation.