Teleworking scheme

This measure has been phased out on the 8th May 2020.

Managing Authority: Malta Enterprise

Who applies: Employer

Date of effect: after the 15th February, 2020


This call supports employers and self-employed individuals to invest in technology that enables teleworking and to partially cover the costs of teleworking solutions.

The total support under this call shall be capped at €2,000,000 and shall be limited up to €500 per teleworking agreement and €4,000 per undertaking. Applicants should note that the de minimis regulation limits the total support per single undertaking to €200,000 undertaking over a period of three (3) rolling fiscal years, and to €100,000 for undertakings engaged in Road Freight Transport. Any single undertaking may apply for the maximum support as allowed by the Regulation. To this effect, the applicant needs to consider the total de minimis aid awarded to the single undertaking through other schemes (even if these are not administered by Malta Enterprise).


  • The call is open to all undertakings irrespective of size and sector (unless specifically excluded by the Business Development and Continuity Guidelines).
  • The support will be given to employers who incur eligible telework expenses pursuant to a telework agreement.
  • The aid will only be considered if the role of the employee can be addressed through teleworking and when a formal teleworking agreement is in place and connects to the work place via a VPN (or similar) solution.
  • In order to be eligible, the employee should not have had an active teleworking agreement before 15th February 2020 and must be engaged in a role which can be performed via telework.

Support shall be awarded in the form of a cash grant. Assistance will be given to cover a percentage of the eligible costs and shall be awarded in accordance to the terms stipulated in the Incentive Guidelines of Business Development and Continuity scheme.

The grant shall be awarded against 45% of the eligible cost which must be incurred after the 15th February, 2020. The following costs are eligible for this cash rebate:

a)     Purchasing and/or leasing of computer hardware (included operating systems) which are considered portable including installation and setting up of connectivity software.

b)     Communication solutions (hardware and software) that allows different users to connect to their place of work (VPN, Point-to-point connection etc.)

How to apply:

The Application and Claim Form together with additional documentation should be submitted by email on [email protected] 

As part of the application & claim form, the applicant is required to provide the following:

–         Signed Teleworking Agreement commencing not earlier than 15 th February, 2020;

–         A document signed by the employee as a confirmation that the employee has sole responsibility of the hardware and software left in his/ her care;

–         Copy of Invoices together with proof of payment of the eligible costs;

–         In case of leased equipment, provide a copy of the lease agreement.

Once the application is approved, the Corporation shall issue a letter of approval indicating the value of aid awarded. The undertaking will have to provide and install the approved equipment at the teleworker’s residence within two (2) weeks from the approval letter. The beneficiary shall submit a monthly report on the teleworking activity of the employee for the three (3) months following the approval.

You will find a number of FAQs, published by Malta Enterprise