Gozo Teleworking Scheme

Managing Authority: Ministry for Gozo

Applicant: Employer

The Ministry for Gozo has just launched the Gozo Teleworking Scheme for Gozitan employees based in Malta in the Private Sector.

Through this scheme, aid is to be granted to employers in the form of a financial grant spread over a 3-year period, paid proportionately on the number of days the employee is granted telework. The scheme also offers a financial grant related to the Technological and Capital Investment to equip the employee with the necessary tools to perform tasks.

The Gozo Teleworking Scheme is one of 4 schemes that will be funded out of a budget of €600,000 specifically allocated under the Malta Budget 2021 to support businesses and incentivize job creation in Gozo.

Deadline: 30th of November 2023

Eligible Applicants:


  • To be eligible, the Employer must certify that the single undertaking has neither exceeded, nor will exceed with the aid granted through this scheme, the de minimis threshold of €200,000 (or €100,000 in the case of a single undertaking performing road freight transport for hire or reward) cumulatively from this scheme and any other De Minimis scheme over the applicable three-year reference period, in line with the De Minimis Regulation
  • The Employer must duly fill in the State Aid (De Minimis) Declaration found at Section D of the Scheme Application
  • The Employer’s business concern must:
    • either be registered and based in Malta;
    • or if registered in Gozo, must have branches and units in Malta where Gozo-resident employees entered in this scheme are stationed.
  • The Employer may apply for up to a maximum of 10 employees per year.


  • Employees must be resident in Gozo
  • Shareholders and Directors of the Undertaking will not be eligible to benefit from the Gozo Teleworking Scheme if they take up employment within the same private undertaking
  • Persons occupying official positions with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) will not be eligible to benefit from the Gozo Teleworking Scheme if they take up employment with the same NGO


  • A maximum grant of €10,000, in the form of a salary refund, that shall be spread over a 3-year period:

           1.  Year 1 entitles 30% up to a maximum of €3,000;

           2.  Year 2 entitles 30% up to a maximum of €3,000;

           3.  Year 3 entitles 40% up to a maximum of €4,000.

  • The Employer shall be also eligible to a partial financial reimbursement related to the Technological and Capital investment made. This is a one-time payment, offered for each employee eligible to benefit from this scheme. This aid refers solely to a Notebook Computer or PC together with a Printer including scanning facilities. The eligible financial aid offered entails 75% reimbursement to the expenses cited, with a maximum of up to €850 reimbursement ceiling. This reimbursement is eligible upon purchase of the stated equipment, subject to the remaining Terms and Conditions of this Scheme being met.


Application Form & Additional Documents: https://mgoz.gov.mt/en/Pages/eForms/Gozo-Teleworking-Scheme.aspx