Quarantine: Quarantine means self-isolation in your home, and not leaving for the 14-day period that you are required to isolate for. Do not allow visitors into the home. Those under quarantine should self-monitor their temperature twice daily.

Quarantine Leave: Quarantine leave applies to persons who are at risk of having contracted the virus through travel or contact with infected persons. It is  leave  to  be  granted  to  the employee  without  loss  of  wages  in  such  cases  where  the employee  is  legally  obliged  to  abide  by  a  quarantine  order confining the employee to a certain area or to certain premises as determined by the Superintendent of Public Health under the Public Health Act or by any public authority under any other law.

Vulnerable Group/person: Persons who are listed in L.N. 111 of 2020 who have been ordered by the Superintendent of Public Health of Malta to remain segregated in their residence.

NACE Code: (the European Nomicinal of Economic Activity), is the European statitical classification of economic activity

Collective Redundancies:  “Collective redundancy” means the termination of the employment by an employer on grounds of redundancy, over a period of thirty days, of:

(a) ten or more employees in establishments normally employing more than twenty employees but less than one hundred employees;

(b) 10% or more of the number of employees in establishments employing one hundred or more but less than three hundred employees; and

(c) thirty employees or more in establishments employing three hundred employees or more.