Third Country Nationals


Identity Malta Agency does not keep record of termination of employment or change of employment of EU nationals. Processes regarding termination of employment of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are managed by Jobsplus.

Jobsplus processes applications related to the issue of employment licences (previously known as work permits) with regards to third country nationals to be employed in Malta. Jobsplus was delegated this responsibility in August 2005.

Following the transposition of the Single Permit Directive, third country nationals wishing to reside and work in Malta need to apply for a Single Permit (including Residence and Work) at Identity Malta Agency, Expatriate Affairs Unit, Level 0, Valley Road, Msida, website

Jobsplus is a stakeholder in this process and whenever an application is submitted at Identity Malta, this is referred to Jobsplus to provide guidance on labour market testing. These licences are to be applied for by the prospective employee.

The following employment licences guidelines are intended to act as a guide to applicants and to third country nationals (with the exception of EU Member States undergoing a transitional phase) wishing to work in Malta. These are subject to regular updates and thus, it is important that applications must comply with the guidelines applicable at the date of application.

The current exemptions can be accessed here.

Click here to view a presentation on the Employment Licences Unit.

List of Countries who do not require a VISA for the first 90 days.