The following material has been developed by the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate to support Covid-19 recommendations. All material can be downloaded for free.

Useful Forms for Covid-19 Swab Tests

Consent Form for Adults lacking capacity to consent English/Maltese

Paediatric Consent form English/Maltese​


Travelling Out of Malta – How to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad​

Mental Well-being in the Transition Phase of Covid-19​

What You Need to Know if You Tested Positive to Covid-19 (English​Maltese​​)

What You Need to Know if You are a Contact of a Covid-19 Patient (EnglishMaltese​)

Information for People Undergoing Covid-19 Testing (English, Maltese​​​)​

Printed Resources and Material

How to Make Your Own Fabric Face Mask​

Gowie Versus the Coronavirus​ – Drawing book

Reduce the Risk of Covid-19​

Reduce the Risk of Covid-19 (AlbanianArabicFrenchHindiItalianMacedonianMalayalamMaltesePortugueseRussianSerbianSpanishTeluguTigrinyaUkranian​)

Avoid Crowds and Mass Events

How Effective are Facemasks

Reduce Your Risk of Covid-19

Who Are Your Close Contacts

Why is Contact Tracing Important​

Guidelines to New Social Distancing Rules Information for Parents and Guardians​

Be Responsible for Workplaces​​

Be Responsible for Bars and Restaurants (EnglishMaltese​​​​​)​

Be Responsible for Retail Outlets

Be Responsible for Barbers

Be Responsible for Beauticians

Be Responsible for Dentists

Be Responsible for Nail Technicians

Be Responsible for Doctors

Be Responsible for Tatooists

Be Responsible for Physiotherapists​

Prevent the Spread of Infections – 3C’s

Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

Guidance for Workplaces

How to Wash Your Hands

Contain the Spread of Germs

Practice Good Hygiene

How to Quarantine (English / Chinese / Somali / Tigrinya)

Stop the Spread of Covid-19​

Know the Symptoms of Covid-19

How Covid-19 is Spread

Reduce Your Risk of Covid-19 Infection

Helplines and Useful Links (EnglishMaltese​​​)

Keep Yourself, Family and Friends Safe From Covid-19​

How to Safely Remove Disposable Gloves

How to Wear a Surgical Mask

How Not to Wear a Surgical Mask

Information for Patrons Dining at Restaurants  (Effective from Monday 7th June)

Information for clients attending Hairdressers, Barbers, Nail Technicians and Beauticians​​

How Do I Ensure Water Systems Are Safe against Legionella

Social Media Frames

Social Media Frames (Collection 1 / Collection 2)


Covid-19 Informational Videos​