Apprenticeship Recovery Scheme

Government has recently announced an investment of €2.75 Million to be disbursed by end 2022, for students to be given apprenticeship opportunities. MCAST has worked on this scheme to encourage more companies to recruit students in apprenticeship programmes whilst also awarding those sponsors who had an active contract at date of launch being 15th June 2021.

The scheme is funded by the Government of Malta through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as part of the COVID-19 national recovery plan.
This scheme only applies to apprenticeship contracts.

Industry partners, including companies and self-employed persons who retained apprentices on their books and had a valid contract at 15th June 2021, will receive the amount of €500 per contract by end of this calendar year, depending on date of termination of contract. Those engaging in new contracts entered into until 30th June 2022, will be funded €1,000 per student, by December 2022 being date of end of scheme.

A number of conditions apply.

Conditions to be met include:
1. submission of regular attendance of students
2. active contract of a minimum of 6 months
3. financial contribution of sponsors per student exceeding €1,000 / contract

Terms and conditions of scheme will be published with application and will be accessible from
Tax Rebates incentives remain applicable (as per respective subsidiary legislation).

Payment shall be effected by cheque, issued on name of Company or as per signatory details in contract.

Applications for this scheme are now open and close on 30th June 2022.

Click here to apply.

One application per apprentice has to be submitted.

More information can be obtained:
+356 2398 7120 / +356 2398 7145
[email protected]