Change to Grow 2021


  • Self-employed persons
  • Micros, Small or Medium enterprises having at least one full-time employee

The project needs to address a strategic shift in the operation of an enterprise, such as:

  • Digitalisation of business processes
  • Optimisation of performance and/or HR
  • Improvement of processes
  • Environmental performance and sustainability/Implementation of quality systems/Product process certifications
  • Customer handling procedures / Pricing analysis / Market positioning

Eligible Costs:

  • Advisory Stage: up to €5,000
    List of Advisors available. However, an applicant is not restricted to choose an advisor from this list.
  • Implementation Phase: up to an additional €5,000 may be awarded to implement recommendation pursuant from the Advisory stage

Eligible undertaking may benefit from a max grant of €10,000 disbursed as a reimbursement of 75% of eligible costs incurred.
Only costs incurred after the Corporation evaluates the Advisory Report and issues a further Letter of Approval specifying the terms and conditions of any additional funding, shall be eligible.

Application Form
Quotations Template