Upcoming Low Birth Rate Seminar & SMEs National Forum 2023

MEA’s PROAction project, as we already mentioned, is an ongoing initiative, and continuously the Malta Employers’ Association through it’s SME Helpdesk are still busy building up on what has already been done and are looking forward to strengthen more tangible actions which address challenges within our dynamic economy. Amongst these challenges, which MEA PROAction initiative will be addressing one could mention the Low Birth Rate issue, and how foreign workers are affecting our Labour Market.

Two other National events, which will be organised by the MEA in the coming weeks.

Malta’s Low Birth Rate – An Existential Challenge will be a seminar scheduled to take place at the House of the Representatives within the Parliament of Malta next July, whilst the Foreign Works’ impact on SMEs will be this year’s SMEs National Forum main topic.

This year’s SMEWEEK Event will take place at the link Hall in Zejtun, and will be happening on the 26th October 2023.

As part of MEA PROAction initiative, this year, MEA will be tackling the issue of Foreign Workers, especially TCNs and how they are impacting our economy and SMEs in general.

The event will go into issues related to logistics, how TCNs are filling this gap and how sufficient the services are being rendered.