The focus of the EU-funded project led by the Malta Employers’ Association, as part of the PROAction initiative, is a Regeneration Plan for Workplaces. As part of this initiative, the association is conducting research to identify obstacles that arise in business transformation due to inadequate planning or communication between management and employees. To achieve this, the association has designed a survey that seeks feedback from participants on the importance of collaboration between employers and employees. The goal is to establish a strengthened business operation that is both relevant and sustainable. Respondents can expect the survey to take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, and their anonymity is guaranteed.  The survey focused on the essential business considerations related to the company’s structure, people, technology, strategy, and other resources, which ultimately must work efficiently together to ensure the organization meets its goals. Finally, the survey will be serving as a practical guide for businesses during their transformation and/or upgrading processes.