National Round Tables

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses worldwide, including the manufacturing industry and labor market. As part of the PROAction initiative, the Malta Employers’ Association and SGI Europe analyzed such impact and observations of some companies during their national round tables. The report on the national round tables highlights how COVID-19 affected the manufacturing industry’s productivity and the labor market. Companies noted a shift towards remote working and flexible hours, but challenges remain in maintaining communication and company culture. The report also focuses on the initiatives taken by various companies to address these challenges, including training programs and multiculturalism awareness. Companies need to be flexible and adaptable to address challenges effectively. The report also highlights the current state of the transport and logistics industry in Malta, with companies sharing their experiences during and after the pandemic. The Foundation of Transport and GreenSkip Services highlighted the importance of waste management at a green level, while Aviaserve emphasized the need for digitization to make staff more efficient.