MEA HR online Handbook

The MEA HR online Handbook, which saw its inception 14 years ago, presently consists of an online platform made up of 39 chapters on employment related topics. Innovative in its format, the Handbook is a source of information that helps entrepreneurs to offer proper guidance and enhance their relationship between management and employees.

Within these 39 chapters, one can find more than 400 FAQs related to different topics.

As part of MEA’s PROAction initiative, following the outbreak of the pandemic, and in response to the high demand of queries in relation to changes in conditions of employment, MEA has added a separate section on how management can deal with issues raised during COVID-19.

Being seen as a best practice of how business support organisations like MEA can assist SMEs in dealing with COVID-19, the Handbook has been recognised and advertised amongst international partners like IOE and BUSINESSMED, and MEA has been praised on how innovative it is offering its assistance.

It is estimated that in the last 5 years, 10,000 visitors accessed and made use of this online tool.

 Amongst the new Topics within this HR Handbook, one would be able to access chapters on:

  • Employing persons beyond pensionable age
  • Employing underage persons
  • Training and Development
  • The Right to Disconnect
  • The Work life Balance Directive
  • Employment and Mental Health
  • Platform Work, zero-hour contracts
  • Equal Pay for work of Equal Value
  • Harassment
  • The Industrial Tribunal
  • Applying for EU Funds