The MEA PROAction initiative incorporates the continuous dissemination of information to our members and beyond. One of MEA’s communication vehicles is the meaindex online platform.

As from its inception, so-far we managed to publish through the current news section, nothing less than 350 business related stories.  During these last 15 months we sent nothing less than 25 email alerts, alerting subscribers with latest developments. Lately we managed to attract more entities to become collaborative partners. These were: MDB, NFDIS, Tech.MT, OCVO, Identity Malta Agency, Foundation for Transport and MMF.

In all, so-far we managed to engage 17 other entities to become as meaindex collaborative partners.

As from June 2018 (the date of the meaindex inception), till now we proudly announce that we already reached:

Meaindex online platform services are continuously being offered to SMEs with the support of 17+ other entities referred to as other main collaborative partners.