Stakeholders’ Parliament Session

Theme video electronic link: FORUM NAZZJONALI TAN-NEGOZJI ŻGĦAR 2022

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As a follow-up to the 4 focus group meetings, and once again part of the PROAction project, the Malta Employers’ Association, organised a Stakeholders’ Seminar which brought together national Entities and relevant stakeholders which play a direct or indirect role in the employment of workers within Malta’s labour market.  This Stakeholders’ Seminar took place at the Parliament Building in Valletta, on Thursday 21st July 2022.

The event intention was, to share experiences and generate tangible proposals from amongst those present with the intention to iron-out current frictions which are compromising the supply and recruitment of workers through positive and responsible discussion. Your input towards a constructive way forward is most appreciated.

The Malta Employers Association has launched an extensive and wide-ranging dialogue with employers’ representatives in a conscious and proactive effort designed to address the urgent-most challenge currently faced by local businesses.  The shortage of workers and skills, is in fact raising business continuity concerns whilst posing serious risks to competitiveness at the micro and macro levels.

The intention of the MEA was to share with a number of competent authorities and stakeholders, the salient views and recommendations emerging from the focus groups.   The outcome of the focus groups together with that from this Stakeholders Seminar served as an important basis for the discussion during a National SME Forum which the MEA was planning to hold on the 17th November 2022

As a forward-looking organisation, the MEA, through the PROACTION initiative continues to aspire and propose tangible solutions to sustain Malta’s drive towards competitiveness and renewed growth.  Concretely, our Association is eager to contribute to the solution by mapping out the fundamental processes and pillars that need to be set in place to ensure a smooth functioning of the labour market now and in the years to come where business needs match the ambitious aspirations of our future work-force.