MEA TV Programmes

The MEA TV Programme “MEA” is being broadcasted on TVMnews+ every Tuesday at 19.05 hrs, with various repeats throughout the week.

As part of MEA PROAction initiative, these last 15 months we produced nothing less than 39 episodes, while throughout the last ten years we managed to produce more than 250 programmes.

We believe that the programmes broadcasted, have reached their intended objective, namely by serving as a vehicle to encourage entrepreneurs to act with a pro-active approach and to project a positive image of employers by:

  • Informing and educating the audience about labour market and economic issues
  • Guiding them to be able to organise a regeneration plan for their respective workplaces
  • Communicating and explaining their position on various aspects of labour market matters
  • Publicising examples of positive employment practices by companies operating in Malta

All programmes may be viewed on our Youtube channel.