Manual & Conference

As MEA, we feel that it is our obligation to conclude the Project with a comprehensive conference that involves various stakeholders. This conference serves as a platform to discuss and analyze the outcomes of the Project and provide a proper introduction to the Manual. The Manual, as MEA opted for it, has been developed as a tangible deliverable that aims to offer employers and employees a concrete framework to follow, especially if they encounter any doubts after the completion of the Project. The development of the Manual is an essential part of the Project, and its purpose is to provide a comprehensive guide that outlines the key principles, processes, and strategies that were implemented during the Project’s execution. Moreover, it acts as a roadmap that offers guidance on how to navigate and overcome challenges that may arise in the workplace, with a focus on promoting effective communication, collaboration, and productivity. Therefore, the conference that marks the end of the Project is a crucial event that provides an opportunity to showcase the results and findings of the Project, while also introducing the Manual to the stakeholders. The Manual, in turn, serves as a tangible and lasting reminder of the Project’s significance and impact, helping to ensure that its benefits are sustained over time.