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Malta Employers’ Association’s main concept of this ongoing initiative, is “Strengthening the Business Environment through Active Social Dialogue”, and one of the activities which MEA organised to promote active social dialogue is the production of a series of TV programmes on Malta’s National TV stations. This has included a series of 25 minute programmes, broadcasted every week for a period of three years. It’s estimated that, MEA, so far, already contributed with over than 3380 minutes of business knowledge, entrepreneurship guidance, and business support through these TV programmes. With the participation of more than 260 business experts and distinguished personalities from all walks of life, MEA is managing to deliver interesting information in an impartial manner, which definitely serves as a source of inspiration to new entrepreneurs.

2012 – A series of 39 TV programmes named “10 minutes” aired on the National TV Station TVM/TVM.
Almost all programmes were broadcasted again on same stations during the summer period.
(A total of approx. 780 minutes of airtime)

2013-2015 – 4 seasons of 13 TV programmes each (total 52 programmes). 
Almost all programmes were aired again on same stations during the summer period.
(A total of approx. 2600 minutes of airtime).
These programmes included the participation of more than 260 programme guests / experts.
25 minute TV programme productions on various subjects.