SME Helpdesk

– established on December 2013

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In 2013, as a follow up of the MEA / ESF project, and while keeping the THINK SMALL FIRST principle in mind, MEA established its own SME Helpdesk, to be able to handle the SME business needs with a more professional approach. Through this helpdesk, during these last two years, MEA worked even harder to be able to tackle issues which are normally associated with the SME’s sector. Amongst MEA’s contribution, one can mention the direct involvement of MEA in the bureaucracy consultation process, the submission of sound proposals during the consultation process regarding the proposed Malta Family Business Act, the current local issue regarding shop opening hours, and the initiative to organise Malta’s first small business clinic workshop.

The Helpdesk, together with MEA’s central administration, besides providing a 24/7 telephone helpline, and a  Facebook page for entrepreneurs  who need help, have so far already managed to organise a number of  events at National level, including  –

  • A Business breakfast with the topic: ‘SMEs from the employers point of view’


  • Small Business clinic workshop.

(part of “EU Access to finance day- Malta National Conference” – 2014)

The Helpdesk has been set up to focus exclusively on the needs of SMEs and Micro businesses, which in many respects, are different from those of larger organisations.

The Helpdesk, besides giving advice on employment related matters and compliance with employment legislation and other regulatory bodies, , also offers handholding services, when entrepreneurs apply to benefit from any existing grant / assistance schemes.

In a nut shell the MEA’s SME Helpdesk, is another tool in the hands of small business entrepreneurs, which can be used to empower their capacity to achieve success in their business.

At the moment we are compiling an electronic data base of thousands of SMEs, with whom we are communicating via electronic publications, written in Maltese language.