Capacity Building programme

“Capacity Building for Equipping and Representing Micro Business Employers”

ESF 2007-2013 project (code 4.86)

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During the period 2009-2012 MEA embarked on a specific ESF programme “Capacity Building for Equipping and Representing Micro Business Employers”, focusing on microbusinesses. With the aid of the ESF funds, MEA carried out a three year awareness campaign, including an outreach exercise amongst 750 entrepreneurs, published a 67 page information booklet with a total distribution of 6000 copies, and also organised 22 training seminars with the participation of 235 entrepreneurs.


A Three year awareness campaign which included the:

Information booklet

Publication, printing and distribution of a 67 page information booklet.

6000 copies distributed amongst SMEs and Micro Enterprises.
An on-line HR manual which is accessible to MEA members.

Basically the Booklet includes: 

  • 32 pages -The Human Resource Handbook- FAQs about employing people
  • 3 pages including info about a sample contract of employment
  • 2 pages on Occupational health and safety
  • 3 pages demonstrating Samples of engagement and termination forms
  • 2 pages on Policies and procedures
  • 8 pages on Opportunities for SMEs
  • And 2 pages with useful contact details

Training Seminars

22 training seminars with the participation of 235 micro business entrepreneurs.

Over a period of two years (Sept. 2010 – Sept. 2012)
The seminars were:

  • 2 on finance legislation management
  • 2 on human resources management
  • 3 on energy/water/ waste serving
  • 4 on EU occupational, health and safety legislation
  • 3 on EU legislation for Micros
  • 2 on EU and local tax legislation
  • 1 seminar on Employment of third country nationals
  • 3 on marketing policies
  • And 2 on EU rights and obligations

Outreach Exercise

Long hours dedicated for Outreach activities amongst 750 SMEs, operating in various sectors including:

  • Manufacture
  • Finance
  • ICT
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Construction
  • Other services

During the outreach visits, MEA obtained key data on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the Micro Business Sector in Malta.

During the publicity campaign, a leaflet and a calendar were also published and distributed amongst thousands micro-businesses.