Position Documents

The MEA, throughout the implementation of this ongoing initiative to support the local enterprise, always made sure to act on behalf of its members in a proactive manner.

On these lines MEA already took a stand, contributed and published more than 22 position documents, on various ‘hot’ topical business issues, the most recent being the paper on the State of Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in Malta.


MEA’s Position Paper on The State of Social Dialogue & Industrial Relations in Malta, March 2015 download 

Most viewed

MEA’s Position Paper on Governments’ Measures to Increase Employment of Disabled Persons, January 2015 download

Proposed Amendments to the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, 2002 download

MEA Position Paper on Illegal and Atypical Employment Practices, July 2013 download

Strength in Unity – A Memorandum to Political Parties, October 2012 download

Position Paper on the Proposal for the setting up of a National Living Wage, November 2010 download 

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