Social Problems Seminar – 2017

MEA organised 3 focus group workshops during a seminar, organised as part of the SME WEEK  2017 programme of events: “Are Current Social Problems affecting Businesses?” 

During these 3 workshops, around 150 stakeholders discussed issues related to social problems at the place of work. Issues which sometimes create unneeded disruption in the everyday management while running a business.

MEA looked into these circumstances, and in collaboration with other NGOs and Government entities highlighted the causes, looked at what’s being offered and came up with tangible and practical initiatives to improve the situations mentioned.

Topics discussed where:

  • Which social problems are the most disruptive at the place of work?
  • What support is being offered by different entities to minimise the repercussions from social problems at the place of work?
  • How should social problems be tackled at the place of work?

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