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Partnership with other entities

Through this initiative, MEA partnered with other entities, on awareness campaigns, EU Funded Projects and Training Programmes.

Amongst the numerous collaborations so far, one can mention:


During 2017, MEA collaborated in an initiative lead by MCA to encourage more digital inclusion amongst SMEs

Dealing with Culturally diverse workforce – Challenges and Opportunities

April/May 2017- MEA actively participated in the initiative lead by CORE, whereby SMEs were guided how to understand better the right attitude towards multiculturalism.

Business with a Heart

April 2017 – MEA collaborated and participated in the initiative taken by SOS Malta in collaboration with Deloitte – an awareness campaign amongst businesses, encourage them to follow SDGs.

Violet Support Online

2019- MEA collaborated with SOS Malta in a EU Funded GBV-SO Project – an anonymous and confidential online service for VICTIMS OF GENDER BASED VIOLENCE

“Nista Nahdem – Intraprizi Maltin Protagonisti”

April 2017 – MEA was invited to participate, and contributed during a panel discussion, at a National Conference organised by the Lino Spiteri Foundation, in collaboration with CRPD and JOBSPLUS. 

Equality Beyond Gender Roles

September / December 2017 – MEA partnered with NCPE in a EU Funded Project whereby a research study and a number of discussions took place in favour of gender equality.

Identity Malta Outreach programme

2017 – MEA was the first organisation, which collaborated with Identity Malta to organise one-to-one meetings with Employers, at the MEA’s premises.

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