SME National Forum

Today’s opportunities and challenges in employment for SMEs

Through the pro-inklude initiative, the SME Helpdesk within the MEA, organised the first SME NATIONAL FORUM- MALTA 2019, as part of the SME WEEK 2019 Programme of Events.

An event which included:

Distinguished guests discussed how SMEs should adopt a pro-active approach to address issues related to opportunities and challenges within the business sector.

Three symposia with the participation of 25 local experts, in which fruitful discussions took place about sustainable employment, proposed employment strategies, and how education contributes towards successful entrepreneurship.   

A panel discussion on how SMEs are expected to handle employability in a quasi-full employment scenario, with the participation of 10 speakers who came from various sectors.

20 entities working in favour of entrepreneurship, inclusion and social responsibility were invited to set up a stand and participate for free during EMPfest  (service providers fair offering their exclusive services to SMEs).

Networking opportunities between NGO representatives, Local experts working in the field of inclusion, social responsibility, and CSR, SMEs and other government body officials which took place all throughout the National Conference break-out sessions.

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