MEA EQUIP-pilot project

including an ESF 4.255- EU co-financed initiative:

“Equipping Employers for more Equal and Inclusive Labour Market”

These are the different actions which form part of this pilot project: 

  • opted to invite Amy Camilleri Zahra to host tv programmes inspite of her disability
  • carried out a survey – research study
  • partnered with Richmond foundation in the “Healthy Mind for healthy business” ESF Project
  • signed an MOU with various other entities re “persons with disability in employment” 
  • published a position paper on persons with disability at the place of work
  • adopted a pro-active attitude in facilitating process to engage TCNs in Malta
  • produced a number of “Employers Information Handbook” on USBs 
  • organised a panel discussion 
  • ” Maximising the potential of Maltese Labour Force in a Socially Inclusive Environment” 
  • produced 6 MEA TV Programmes related to equality and inclusivity
  • organised a stakeholder focus group 
  • carried out a number of Structural alterations at MEA premises

Amy Zahra as a presenter on MEA TV Programme

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