The following are reviews from local and international bodies.

Business Doctors  

“The Maltese Business Story project by the Malta Employers’ Association is an innovative initiative that provides a myriad of useful and practical information to those owning and managing Maltese SMEs.”  Read more  

CORE Platform

“…This initiative by the Malta Employers’ Association, will most certainly help these owners when faced with such troubles. Sometimes, all these people need is guidance from business experts or from other entrepreneurs who have undergone the same difficulties and overcome them. A few tips and some encouragement could be all these Maltese family business owners need.”  Read more


“MCAST supports The Maltese Business Story initiative organised by the MEA-SME Helpdesk and believes it is a simple yet innovative and creative idea of how to transmit valuable information about startups to anyone wishing to open up a new business in Malta.”  Read more

International Organisation of Employers

“… MEA has been extremely active in promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship at both international and European level. In discussions at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), and during the International Labour Conference, MEA has been highly engaged in the tripartite discussions on the promotion of sustainable enterprise and entrepreneurship.” Read more