SMEs National Forum 2021

As part of its MEAGreen initiative aimed at providing leadership, support and objective guidance to members on (ESG) issues, the Association organised its SMEs National Forum 2021 to discuss “SMEs & Green Growth – The Journey Ahead”.  This particular event was dedicated specifically to the Environment pillar of ESG after having organised another conference in June 2021 which discussed the Balance between Sustainable Economic Growth and Quality of Life as part of MEAGreen.  So, within the space of a few months, it was deemed opportune to tackle the sensitive matter pertaining to the effect of economic growth on environmental sustainability, or put differently, the balance between production and the planet within the context of companies’ corporate sustainability motives or ESG responsibilities.  Such balance is key to ascertaining a circular economy for Malta or harmony between these two existential objectives whilst safeguarding citizens’ quality of life.

Media report

SMEs National Forum 2021 – post-event video production

SMEs National Forum 2021 – Main Conference – part 1 & part 2

SMEs National Forum 2021 – Promo