Planning & Coordination

with Project Partners

This project was conducted in partnership between the Malta Employers Association (as lead partner), SGI Europe and the General Workers Union (GWU).  From early days – October 2022 – the three partners coordinated their roles and responsibilities to ensure an effective implementation and successful achievement of the set objectives.

The project necessitated extensive research which included surveys with nearly 400 respondents, divided between entrepreneurs and workers, with the latter group facilitated by GWU as a project partner. The findings from these surveys were further validated through three national round-table events, involving over 40 companies to which both SGI and GWU contributed significantly.

To ensure the applicability of the research on a European scale, the MEA coordinated with  SGI Europe and organized a Brussels Workshop. SGI gathered expertise from EU-based social partners and entities like BusinessEurope, ETUC and other national employer organizations affiliated to SGI.  In fact, the role of SGI Europe in this project included:

  • The support of local research and participation in the focus groups and national round tables organised in Malta
  • The validation of research and findings from the local level to an EU scenario
  • The organisation of a workshop in Brussels including the coordination of input and participation of other pan-European stakeholders national employer organisations from across other member states
  • The coordination of translation tasks of the Business Manual, videos, brochures, website content
  • Support in the distribution of the Business Manual across the EU territory


Malta Employers’ Association

The role of the employer carries with it the burden of many responsibilities emanating from the employer-worker relationships within the company. These responsibilities entail critically sensitive elements such as employee relations, relations with government bodies and interpretation of legislation. Regardless of whether the employer is a large corporation or a small office business, unless these elements are handled competently and professionally, they can pose a serious threat of employee unrest, with its negative impact on the Company’s performance and reputation. In the volatile arenas of industrial relations and social policy, an employer requires immediate expert advice and effective action. It is clear that there is much advantage in fostering an organised unity between all employees. Through this unity comes individual strength.

SGI Europe

Along with BusinessEurope and ETUC, SGI Europe is one of the three European general cross industry social partners. SGI Europe is an actor in the European social dialogue, having a voice in the European bipartite – in negotiating with trade unions – and tripartite – with social partners and representatives of the EU institutions – social dialogue at the highest level. SGI Europe support on a regular basis the European Commission, as well as the European Council and the European Parliament, on any legislative proposal having an impact on Services of General Interest and their place in the Internal Market. SGI Europe also carries out projects promoting the importance of modern public services in Europe. Whether supported by the European Commission or carried out independently, SGI Europe intends to bring a new light on services of general interest, their modernisation and their central role in citizens’ lives.


The GWU is the largest existing union in Malta, with more than 46,000 members from different fields of work. It was in October 1943 that the union was formed. Despite all the challenges the country has faced the GWU’s aim has always been to protect workers’ which has always been one of the unions greatest strengths. Nowadays in the socio-economic environment in which we live, where the way workers are employed has changed the GWU remains up to date, because it has always remained relevant and contemporary.