Networking Round Table

pre MEA’s SMEs National Forum 2024.

As a continuation of this project and to ensure its ongoing success, the MEA intends to persist in addressing and supporting its initiatives in the area of entrepreneurs’ skills enhancement in the area of  anticipation and management of change. By remaining proactive, the MEA aims to foresee and tackle issues that are of topical importance for SMEs and which could become even more demanding in the near future if employers do not have the necessary updated skills to tackle them.

In discussing the Regeneration Plan for Workplaces and how social partners have supported the anticipation and management of change post-COVID-19, it became evident that the Association needs to remain engaged with entrepreneurs and maintain a proactive approach. This is essential to strengthen SMEs’ resolve in facing future business challenges.

The MEA has already initiated discussions on innovation and disruptive changes in the workplace. The next focus is on the critical challenge of how SMEs can remain competitive by achieving “Quality and Value Added through R&D and Innovation.”

A networking round-table event with various stakeholders is scheduled for July 12th. Additionally, this year’s SMEs National Forum will take place on November 8th. The forum will build on MEA’s previous initiatives, all of which have led to noteworthy publications.