National Round Table events

As the lead project partner, the MEA organised 3 National Round Table meetings at its premises in Valletta on 26th July 2023.  In line with the partners’ responsibilities for the project, the National Round Tables were designed with a sectoral dimension.  In fact, three separate ones were organised, each dedicated to a priority sector as identified in the original project application and subsequently in the Grant Agreement.  The three sectors for which a National Round-Table were:

  1. Wholesale & Retail;
  2. Hospitality & Tourism; and
  3. Professional Services.

The Agenda for the three separate events are Annexed to this report.  The events were attended by all project partners, including the General Workers Union (of Malta) which participated actively in the Round Tables through its Secretary General and Section Secretary.  The General Workers Union also supported the project research through assisting in the circulation and promotion of the Employee questionnaires.

It is pertinent to note that these National Round Tables were preceded by focus group meetings organised with the same business sectors on the initiative of the lead project partner and the research expert.  These preliminary focus group meetings were held on 15th March 2023 for the purposes of:

  • collecting sector-specific details pertaining to the research;
  • confirming certain research assumptions and
  • finalising the design and validation process of the questionnaire.

The purpose of the National Round Tables held in July, on the other hand, was to give participants a preview of the research undertaken regarding the bottlenecks identified in business transformation processes and possible solutions through the strengthening of planning and/or communication processes between management and employees.  The Round Table meetings were designed to take place amongst a limited number of participants to ensure healthy interactive debates whilst facilitating the sharing and improvement of knowledge and best practice exchanges.