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Information session: Budget 2015 – The Regulations for the Employment of Disabled Persons, 30 July 2015

MEA Events 30/07/2015 - 30/07/2015

In the last budget speech, the Minister for Finance, Prof. Edward Scicluna announced that:

‘Those who employ persons with a disability shall be exempted from payment of National Insurance and it shall be possible to deduct from taxes on profits the equivalent of the pay of the disabled person. The maximum credit shall be of no more than €4,500 for every disabled person.

The 2% regulation shall be implemented: since 1967, our country had a law which stipulates that any company employing more than 20 persons needs to have at least 2% of its employees with a disability. It is common knowledge that this law is hardly implemented or enforced.

We understand that there exist places of work where it is more challenging to employ disabled persons. However we need to send a strong and bold message.

In the case of companies, which we hope will be a minority, who will not employ the legal minimum of disabled persons…… the employer shall be asked to pay an annual contribution of €2,400 for each disabled person which should be employed. The maximum contribution shall be of €10k per company. For 2015, employers shall contribute one third of the due amount, which shall go up to two thirds in 2016 and the full amount shall be collected in 2017’.

What are the implications of this budget measure on your business?

The Malta Employers’ Association shall be organising an information session on Thursday, 30th July, to answer these questions, and top officials from the Employment and Training Corporation shall deliver a presentation about the current state of affairs in the employment of disabled persons and how the measures as announced in the budget speech shall be implemented.

Downlaod the brochure for further info.

Venue: Grand Hotel Excelsior, Floriana
Contact: Dorianne Azzopardi Cilia
Email: [email protected]