The MEA awarded prestigious recognition by the European Commission

The site of what was formerly an old power station in Tallinn, Estonia on November 23rd was packed with more than five hundred delegates from all over the European Union to attend the annual European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) organized by the European Commission. Every year, a board of judges is appointed to decide on the best among hundreds of projects to win coveted prizes in different categories that are submitted by organizations from all over the EU.

Last May, the Association was awarded the National Enterprise Support Award which meant that it could participate in the EEPA. The project submitted was ‘The Malta Business Story Initiative‘, in which two entrepreneurs- Gianni and Katrina – set up a business and experience many typical situations faced by start ups and established businesses which are addressed by links to the topics covered by MEA TV programmes. In fact, the project includes links to more than 90 programmes, and was made available to MEA members earlier this year. This has been used to educate the public about labour and social policy issues, and also by businesses as a point of reference about matters that affect them as employers. It is also being used by many companies to train staff.

This project drew the attention of the jury and MEA was awarded a special mention as one of the foremost four projects from amongst hundreds submitted overall from EU countries. The Association had already won this recognition  in 2015 with another project and no other organisation has been given an award twice in the eleven years since the EEPA has been organized. In his address to the assembly, Mr. Joseph Farrugia explained how the television programmes are educating the public and how the Malta Business Story is a useful tool for businesses which can transferred to other countries. The experience in Tallinn is recognition by the Commission of the valid initiatives that the Association is taking to support the business community in investing in entrepreneurial skills, and is an honour for Malta.

The Association expressed its thanks to the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) for being given the opportunity to produce the MEA TV Programme which is now running in its ninth session.