MUT should not misinterpret Regulations on Probation

The Malta Employers’ Association stated that probationary regulations apply equally for both employers and employees, and that neither party is bound to give any reason why employment is terminated during a probationary period. The Association said that the allegation by the Malta Union of Teachers, that there are employees in church schools whose employment was terminated during probation without being given a reason, is in no way illegal, even if it happened. Likewise, a teacher may abandon his/her post during a probationary period during a scholastic year without justifying his/her actions, even though in many cases this could have serious repercussions on the welfare of the students. The Association said that the rights and obligations of both employers and employees in employment legislation are to be respected, and any employer cannot be accused of malpractice if he is utilizing the entitlement to these rights as defined in Article 36(2) of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, 2002.