MEA supports the MCCF 1 Euro Campaign

On the 30 June 2015, H.E. President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca has officially launched the MCCF 1 Euro Campaign in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund. The aim of the campaign is to collect funds to help people in need of specialised assistance when they suffer from chronic diseases or other situations in which the MCCF could be involved.

The aim of the 1 Euro campaign is to urge employees to complement the various initiatives taken by companies to raise funds for such worthy causes by agreeing to donate 1 Euro per month to MCCF. The donation will be made through a request which will be made to the employer to deduct 1 Euro from their salary every month.

The MEA has pledged support for this initiative and encourages employers to participate by displaying the attached notice on the notice board or else distributing it among employees. Payroll adjustments should be made accordingly.

Dowload the notice and the form which the employees are to fill to authorise the deductions.