MEA signs collaboration agreement with FSWS

On Friday 10th May, MEA signed a collaboration agreement with the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS). The agreement, which is for a period of five years will involve the promotion of the services offered by the FSWS on the MEAINDEX online portal. This will provide exposure to services and programmes, such as the S.A.F.E. programme (Substance Abuse Free Employee Programme), which has been implemented by various companies in Malta. In the coming years, MEA and FSWS will co-operate in activities such as the SME week, seminars, conferences and training activities which will be of benefit to employers and to Maltese society in general.    

During a press conference organised for the occasion, both Mr. Alfred Grixti  (CEO – FSWS) and Mr. Joseph Farrugia (Director General – MEA) emphasised the importance of stakeholder co-operation in promoting a substance abuse free workplace. Mr. Farrugia said that MEA will be promoting the S.A.F.E. programme among its members. Information about this programme may be achieved here.

Mr Charles Scerri (Operations Director – Sedqa) said that Agenzija Sedqa welcomed the idea of this collaborative partnership agreement, and thanked MEA for offering them this opportunity to outreach more employers.

Mr. Anton Vella spoke about the importance of the MEAINDEX as a resource for employers about all aspects of business, including social issues such as those addressed by the FSWS. He expressed his satisfaction that more companies are visiting the portal daily and that it is becoming a useful tool for the dissemination of information among businesses in Malta.    This is the 12th such agreement reached with other stakeholders who are supporting MEAINDEX.