MEA National Conference 2021

The Malta Employers’ Association is organising its national conference, being held virtually on Friday 18th June from 8:45-14:00hrs.

In collaboration with APS Bank, Atlas Insurance and EY, the MEA will be exploring measures on how to balance economic growth with quality of life.

Productive economic activity is essential to generate employment and income. Since gaining independence, Malta has elevated the economic well-being of its citizens through constant economic transformation that makes our economy open and diversified. EU accession has also contributed to an increase in living standards, GDP per capita in Malta has been approaching the EU average since Malta became a member.

GDP as a measure of well-being has limitations. It cannot factor in the extent of the underground economy, and non-market activities are not included in its measurement. Other limitations that are raising concerns among various segments of Maltese society are the link between GDP and the quality of life, and negative externalities. These are becoming more pronounced due to the Malta’s geographic limitations, compounded by a rapid increase in population over the past decade.

This conference will address the nature of these problems by identifying the challenges ahead with a view to making recommendations of how GDP growth can be managed to minimise the effect of negative externalities, and to harness productivity and economic growth towards the well-being of our society. The conference will be addressed by experts including economists, social partners and senior politicians. There will be full audience participation through discussions and workshops.

The full programme can be found HERE.

Registration is FREE of charge.