MEA: Inter Union Rivalry is Damaging Industrial Relations and Competitiveness

The Malta Employers’ Association declared that the current state of affairs at De La Rue is yet another case of inter union rivalry disrupting industrial relations stability in a major company in Malta. The Association stated that this situation is benefitting neither the company nor the employees, and underscored the fact that management is only bound to discuss collective industrial relations matters with the union which gains recognition through a proven majority of employees who are its members. This is one of the pillars of industrial relations in Malta which is now being undermined by a union that does not have recognition and is stirring unrest to boost its membership. The Association acknowledged that unions have a right to solicit for membership, as long as this is done within professional and ethical parameters that do not place jobs and investment in jeopardy. It called for responsible practice by unions, at De La Rue and elsewhere by placing employees’ welfare ahead of self-preservation in their list of priorities.