MEA condemns Indecent Working Conditions

The Malta Employers’ Association has condemned without reservation the alleged abusive employment of foreign nationals by Leisure Clothing Ltd. The Association stated that it is unacceptable that such practices are brought to light in a civilised country like Malta and that – according to the reports – the persons involved have been exploited for such a long time before action has been taken. The Association is also surprised that the authorities are quick to take drastic action against minor infringements by employers – at times even taking them to criminal court – while such flagrant abuses go by unnoticed. This case should also be of concern and brought to the attention of other companies who risk their reputation by having abusive companies form part of their supply chain.  MEA added that such employment practices as those reported at Leisure Clothing Ltd should not be tolerated under any circumstances, and where they do occur, they will certainly not find any support from the vast majority of Maltese employers who live up to their legal and ethical obligations when employing people.