During this webinar we will be explaining the impact that this regulation, set to come in force in 2024 will have on businesses that employ or might employ temporary workers. It is important that employers, senior management and HR
practitioners fully understand the implications of this legislation.

The webinar is free of charge. Click here to view the agenda.

ĠEMMA know- plan -act, a financial capability initiative within the Ministry of Social Policy and Children’s Rights, in collaboration with its partner EMCS Advisory Limited will be delivering an online presentation to all MEA members regarding the Voluntary Occupational Retirement Pension Scheme (VORPS).

The presentation will start with the costs losing an employee has on a business. Then, we will look at the current pension framework and its level of adequacy, before going into detail on the Voluntary Occupational Pension Scheme. Finally, we will discuss how VORPS can be utilized as a strategic HR Tool.

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The purpose of this webinar is to raise awareness on the mandatory filing of VAT returns online for all taxpayers registered under article 10. The webinar will cover the basic steps that taxpayers and tax representatives need to take in order to obtain access to the VAT online portal in order to submit the VAT return online. A Q&A session will follow towards the end of the webinar.

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The Work-Life balance for Parents and Carers Regulations 2022

Digital Platform Delivery Wages Council Wage Regulation Order, 2022

The Malta Employers’ Association is organising a webinar on Work-Life Balance and Platform Workers.

This webinar will inform participants about the latest developments regarding the Work-Life Balance Legal Notice and the Wage Regulation Order for employees performing digital platform deliveries. The latter will be discussed within the context of a Directive being discussed at EU level which intends to regulate all forms of platform work.

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The Malta Employers’ Association in collaboration with New Horizons Institute for Work Competencies shall be holding a webinar for HR and Line Managers to present the training programme starting in 2022 in Leading People at the Workplace on Tuesday, 13 September 2022 at noon.

Organisations are facing increasing challenges some as disruptive as a pandemic nevertheless opportunities are not in short supply. To capitalise on opportunities those who lead others, no matter at what level they are in the organisation need to be ready to act. Leading a team to adapt to change and thrive in times of great uncertainty, requires business acumen, the passion to lead and the competence to achieve and succeed. This is what this programme delivers.

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Further information on how to join the virtual event, will be shared with you upon your registration.

The Malta Employers’ Association is organising a webinar on the ‘Amendments to the Whistleblower Act’.

The Protection of the Whistleblower Act, CAP 527 of the Laws of Malta, which became part of our legislation in 2013, was recently revised with the aim of transposing the requirements of the EU Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of union law into our law. The new amendments entered into force on the 24th December 2021, and are applicable for companies employing more than 50 employees.

In this webinar, MEA Lawyer Dr Charlotte Camilleri will be explaining the amendments to the mentioned legislation and what this means for employers. Participants will have the time to ask questions during the Q&As. Click here to view the Agenda.

The webinar is being held virtually on Friday 18th February from 10.00-11.00am.
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The Malta Employers’ Association in collaboration with MISCO is holding a webinar on Job Coaching on Monday 29th November from 10.00-11.00am

Many employers are recognizing the benefits of disability inclusion in the workplace. Those businesses with employees with disabilities say they tend to be more productive, more focused on work and more loyal to the organization. Thus employing persons with disabilities is seen as a wise business choice rather than charity or ‘CSR’. But, what are the skills needed by employers to offer an inclusive workplace? Who from the company should be responsible to ensure that an organisational fit is a beneficial one? How can employers facilitate the day-to-day tasks and the career growth of persons with disability?

This and more will be discussed during the webinar.  Click here to view the Agenda.
Kindly register for free on: https://forms.gle/bXrQnDjUEZHpUHRX8

The Malta Employers’ Association and other organisations have partnered with Working Town to organise a number of events related to raising awareness on mental wellness at work. On Thursday the 28th October at 3pm CET Working Town will be running a free webinar on the importance of Self-Esteem and Assertiveness at Work.

Alessandra Patti will be the keynote speaker and she will be joined by a number of panellists namely Dr Roselyn Borg Knight, Stephania Dimech Sant, Patrick Psaila, Désirée Steinmann, Yasmin de Giorgio and Dr Rachel (Sasha) Taylor-East. You can register for free by using this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_G5nVRQtgThKVCofLllqr8A

The Foundation of Transport in collaboration with the Malta Employers’ Association and Europe Direct CORE Platform is organising a webinar on the EU’s Fit for 55 Package, to be held on the 27th October 2021 between 10.00-11.30am.

To achieve a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, the European Commission published the Fit for 55 package in July 2021, to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030. This will cover wide-ranging policy areas – from renewables to energy efficiency first, energy performance of buildings, as well as land use, energy taxation, effort sharing and emissions trading.

But what does this mean to my industry?
What are the implications for business?
What if targets are not reached, will Malta have to pay penalties?

These questions and more will be addressed by the panel of speakers listed in the attached Agenda.
Attendees will have the time to ask questions through the Q&A section.

Kindly register to this session at https://forms.gle/XysTnnDPtAYJku2e9 by Tuesday 26th October 2021.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This webinar was organised with the aim of disseminating information on the services being offered by JRS Malta, in relation to the employment of refugees and asylum seekers in Malta.

Ms Bethany Archer, Employment Project Coordinator at JRS explained how JRS is assisting its clients and the services being offered to employers. Dr Charlotte Camilleri, MEA Lawyer explained the process refugees and asylum seekers need to follow when engaging themselves in employment. Participants had time for Q&As.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or JRS’s Employment Coordinator Ms Bethany Archer on [email protected] or 2144 2751.