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Information Session: Employers’ Obligations to protect data

MEA Events 27/05/2010 - 27/05/2010

The right to privacy is a fundamental human right, which is safeguarded and enshrined in our Constitution. The enforcement of the right to privacy is facilitated by the protection of personal data from abuse.

The Data Protection Act of 2001 was enacted in Malta on the 14th December 2001, with both sides of the House of Representatives voting in favour of the Act. This continued to further confirm Malta’s tradition to cherish democratic values, foremost amongst which is the right of the individual to privacy.

The Data Protection Act 2001 provides for the protection of individuals against the violation of their privacy by the processing of personal data and for matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto.

The Data Protection Act was brought fully into force on the 15th July 2003, enabling data subjects to enjoy their rights under the Act.

An information session for employers about Data protection was organised by MEA on 27 May at the Phoenicia Hotel. The main speakers at this session were Mr. David Cauchi and Mr. Ian Deguara from the Commission of Data Protection. Following a presentation about the Data Protection Legislation, Dr. Charlotte Camilleri prepared a list of questions which frequently emerged when employers came to apply the provisions of the legislation. This was followed by a lively debate and questions from the floor on various aspects of data protection, ranging from the installation of CCTV cameras, to medical certificates, palm readers, and union recognition. Representatives from more than a 100 companies were present for this session.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Joe Farrugia, Director General, said that the strong attendance and vigorous interest displayed by the participants is clear proof of the importance of this topic to employers, and that although many questions were answered, the answers frequently gave rise to further questions. He said that many employers are ethical in their treatment of sensitive information and that the MEA is always there to assist them whenever difficulties arise. 

The event was sponsored by Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd and the Malta Institute of Management.

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