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Coronavirus and the Workplace

Information Session 12/03/2020 - 12/03/2020

The Malta Employers’ Association is organising an Information Session with the theme: Corona Virus and the Workplace, on Thursday, 12 March 2020.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 Corona virus in many countries is definitely having an impact on businesses, even in countries which have not yet registered any cases of persons who have been affected. The WHO has stated that: ‘All sections of our society – including businesses and employers – must play a role if we are to stop the spread of this disease’.

MEA has been keeping its members updated on developments, and has also been in contact with government authorities to obtain and disseminate information related to this issue. In conjunction with other employer bodies, MEA has also submitted proposals to government to minimise the risk of contagion and to allow workplaces to function with minimum disruption. It is a fact that, many companies are already feeling the brunt of a fall in business. There is growing concern that the global economy may shrink due to this outbreak.

We have been receiving many queries from our members: about quarantine conditions, about symptoms, about preventive measures and other aspects of the virus. Whilst we have made every effort to assist members, not all queries have clear answers as this is an abnormal situation which requires guidance from the public health authorities. The purpose of this information session is for participants to be informed about the current state of affairs, and also to have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

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Venue: Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Contact: Dorianne Azzopardi Cilia
Email: [email protected]