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Conflict Resolutions and Industrial Relations

Seminar 03/05/2016 - 03/05/2016

The Malta Employers’ Association and FORUM Union Maltin jointly organized a seminar on Conflict Resolutions and Industrial Relations, on Tuesday, 3 May 2016.

An important requisite of stable industrial relations is to have a reliable system and established procedures to address conflict resolution. Industrial conflict may result from a clash of interests and resultant disputes of varying intensity, between different individuals, groups and organizations in the industrial relations system. Although in Malta we do have an established system, entrenched in legislation and also in collective agreements, that is meant to resolve conflict and avoid escalation of disputes, social partners have been engaged in dialogue to reform and improve the existing system through informal discussions and also through the Employment Relations Board. For example, the recent issue concerning the Industrial Tribunal is a case in point where a court decision found that the manner in which the Industrial Tribunal, as established today, operates against fundamental constitutional provisions. There are different ideas how to improve the existing system and the scope of this seminar is to inform participants in the different perspectives by the social partners and to engage them in discussion to identify the major issues and seek a convergence of ideas that serve as a guide on the best way forward.

Download the presentation delivered by Dr Charlotte Camilleri – MEA Executive in EU & Legal Affairs and Mr Christopher Attard – FORUM Vice President.

Venue: Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Contact: Dorianne Azzopardi Cilia
Email: [email protected]