Dolores Sammut Bonnici

Senior Vice President

Representing the Health and Professional Services

At a Malta Employers’ Association Council meeting, Ms. Dolores Sammut Bonnici was appointed Vice President of the Association for the years 2021/23.  Ms Sammut Bonnici served as President between 2017 and 2021.

Ms. Sammut Bonnici is an entrepreneur and is the Managing Director and co-proprietor of the Green Skip Services Ltd, dealing in industrial waste management. She has served on the MEA council for a number of years, and previous to being appointed President, was also Deputy President of the MEA during the past four years.

Ms. Sammut Bonnici served as President of Malta Association of Women in Business, whose mission is the promotion of female entrepreneurship, enhancement of Business education, mentoring and business networking. As President of MAWB she has actively participated in two European projects:  AMIE, (Women ambassadors for Entrepreneurship), and BREAKING GENDER STEREO TYPES, GIVE TALENT A CHANCE (Creating awareness for equal job opportunities).

She is an active local and international speaker for  the promotion of entrepreneurship, women empowerment.  In 2018 she was awarded as one of the  enterprising women of the year in Miami, by Enterprising Women Magazine USA, and presented with an award for appreciation for her work by the Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women, and the Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum in Amman, Jordan in November 2018.